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Deitre Epps

Deitre Epps

Deitre Epps
Partner/ Senior Consultant

Deitre Epps is a partner and senior consultant with Clear Impact. She provides coaching, training, facilitation and technical assistance to senior management and professional staff on local community outcomes, performance accountability and improvement. Some of her recent clients include the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Colorado Trust, the Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade County, Benchmarks for Better Vermont, and the U.S. Virgin Islands Children and Families Council.

Ms. Epps was previously the founding director of the Baltimore School Readiness Initiative, a city-wide effort which contributed to an increase in kindergarten readiness from 27% to 58% over four years using the Results-Based Accountability framework. She also provided coaching and facilitation for the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Leadership in Action Program, a results-based leadership program designed to equip local leaders to produce measurable results.

Ms. Epps is the author of “Achieving Collective Impact with Results-Based Accountability,” a white paper on the intersection of RBA and Collective Impact. She is regularly asked to speak and provide training sessions at conferences and seminars around the world including the 2013 National Association of Planning Councils Conference and the Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit.

Ms. Epps has led the development of numerous results-based plans, supporting the application of program and community accountability to achieve measurable results. During these processes, diverse, cross-sector leaders are guided through the application of RBA as a data-driven decision-making framework. Recent clients who have completed results-based plans include San Francisco Department of Public Health, Oral Health Florida and Children’s Trust of Miami-Dade County.

Ms. Epps also teaches and facilitates in leadership programs for public and nonprofit leaders, including the National Institutes of Health Senior Leadership Program; the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Leadership Lab; the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Leadership Development Program; and the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission Transformational Leadership Program. Ms. Epps has also taught at CDC University for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.

Committed to cultural proficiency, Ms. Epps works to facilitate effective cross-cultural interactions, supporting individuals, agencies, systems and communities to work collaboratively in an increasingly diverse world and providing leaders with tools to create effective policies and practices.  Ms. Epps was a volunteer for more than a decade for the People to People Student Ambassadors program, a long-standing leadership program focused on increasing global competence in youth by immersing them in new cultures, where she designed curriculum and led cross-cultural groups on visits to Australia, New Zealand, China and a number of European countries.

Ms. Epps holds a bachelor’s of science degree in microbiology and a master’s of science degree in human services administration.