We believe in the immense power of Scorecard to help organizations deliver high-quality programs and create positive social impact. That’s why we wanted to increase access to more people around the world.

Now, with our new free version of Scorecard, you can get started instantly, for free, forever! You’ll be able to get a feel for the Scorecard, practice your skills, and learn how to properly use the software for as long as you need. Then, when you are ready to switch, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans quickly and easily within the software.

We will also be changing our pricing so that our customers can have unlimited users, rather than having to pay for additional users. This means you can get more hands-on usage of the Scorecard within your organization to help reach your goals. You will also be able to connect all of your partners and stakeholders within the Scorecard to increase collaboration, streamline reporting, and facilitate communication.

Here are some additional FAQ about the new free version of Scorecard:

What’s included:

  • Track up to 10 measures (performance measures and/or indicators)
  • 3 users have access
  • Track your measures in interactive scorecards
  • Create customizable strategy maps
  • Track your progress in Gantt charts
  • Embed your Scorecard on your website
  • Access RBA and Scorecard training videos
  • Access helpful articles in the help center
  • Never lose your data or access to Scorecard

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