It’s Coming – Scorecard 5.0

Have you heard the news? Scorecard 5.0 is on the way! What does that mean for you? Simply put, significant changes are en route to the Scorecard! Here is a peek behind the curtain on the nuts and bolts – features and fixes – we plan to deploy in a couple of weeks. You’ve been warned. Spoilers ahead.

Easier Note Editing – We have replaced the text editor with a brand new one that works much better! Formatting your notes has never been easier.

Faster Object Editing – Making changes to an object (Results, Indicator, Program, PM) no longer requires you to enter the ‘edit’ screen – you can now add data, manage relationships, and edit all object details directly on the Turn the Curve or Result/Program details page.  This makes editing much faster.

Faster CSV Imports – Imports are much faster. You will get an instant confirmation that imports are in progress. You can also continue working in the system while imports are processed.

Painless Scorecard Editing – Instead of having to edit an entire scorecard, you can edit individual sections as you wish. Changes can be made faster and there is less chance for error.  

New Setting: Default Time Period – Available on the Admin->General Settings, this option enables you to set a date that will open by default when entering data for a measure. You will no longer have to click the ‘+’ button multiple times to get to the correct date.

New Feature: Measure Definition Field – Indicators and Performance Measures now have a definition text box where you can input background or context information about the measure.

In addition to these items, there are numerous performance improvements and bug fixes that will increase speed and reliability of the application and lead to an overall better user experience.  We are excited about these changes and we know you will be as well.

The tentative release date for Scorecard 5.0 is May 18th. We will update you once it’s ready to go.

Please feel free to contact our customer success manager, Randall at with any questions.

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