ROCKVILLE, MD (8/30/16) – The Global Results-Based Accountability Success Stories Library is a new online database designed to accelerate global wellbeing. The Library showcases organizations and communities that have used the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework to improve their performance and/or achieve impact on issues like poverty, homelessness, child welfare, education, public health, equity, and more.

Users can search for success stories using organization names, issues, and locations. Each success story features a data measure, like “% of children entering kindergarten ready to learn,” and how the organization “Turned the Curve” (improved) that measure using RBA.

“The Global RBA Success Stories Library offers an unprecedented opportunity for acceleration on quality-of-life improvement around the world,” says Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact. “With free access to the library, community-based organizations, social service providers, and government agencies will have instant access to relevant data, best practices, and the inspiration they need to improve the lives of children, families, adults, and communities.”

The launch of the  Library includes the following success stories:

  • Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Services improves pretrial supervision efficiency by 81%
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services safely reduces the number of children in foster care by 70%
  • Connecticut Department of Children and Families safely increases the number of children in family care by 57%
  • Alan Richens Unit (Epilepsy Unit) increases the percentage of seizure patients seeing a specialist within two weeks by 26%
  • United Way of Central Iowa helps increase the Des Moines high school graduation rate by 17%
  • Leeds City Council safely reduces the number of children being looked after by social services by 14%.

“Our constant requests for success stories made us realize that there had to be a better way to document and update them in a manner that is easily searchable and intuitive,” says Marc Stone, COO of Clear Impact. “We are hoping that free access to this database will empower organizations around the world to take the next step in their accountability journey. The more stories that are submitted, the greater potential for this new tool to change the world.”

Any Results-Based Accountability practitioner, whether they are a client of Clear Impact or not, is invited to submit their success story to the database. Interested individuals can access submission instructions at

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Kayleigh Weaver, Communications Manager
Clear Impact