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Measurable Impact 2017

November 8-10 2017

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, Texas

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Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman
Founder, Results-Based Accountability™/
Director, Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

Mark will be delivering an RBA  101 Session at Measurable Impact on November 8th at 9am.

Read more about this session here.

Mark Friedman is a speaker, consultant and author of the book Trying Hard is Not Good Enough: How to Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities. Mr. Friedman directs the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has provided training and consultation on Results-Based Accountability in over 40 states and 7 countries around the world.

Before founding FPSI in 1996, Mr. Friedman served as a senior associate at the Center for the Study of Social Policy in Washington, D.C. for four years, where his work focused on providing technical assistance to states, counties, cities, school districts, and communities working to reform their child and family service systems.

Before that, Mr. Friedman served 19 years in the Maryland Department of Human Resources, including six years as the department’s chief financial officer. During this time, Mr. Friedman played a key role in social services program and fiscal policy, including responsibility for financing one of the country’s first family preservation programs and implementing several major revenue initiatives.

Mr. Friedman has authored a wide range of papers on results-based decision making, budgeting, strategic planning and financing, including:

  • The Cosmology of Financing: Financing Reform of Family and Children’s Services: An Approach to the Systematic Consideration of Financing Options, Center for the Study of Social Policy, June 1994
  • The Foster Care Adoption Simplification Act: An Alternative to the Proposed Child Protection Block Grant, Center for the Study of Social Policy, May 1995
  • From Outcomes to Budgets: An Approach to Outcome Based Budgeting for Family and Children’s Services, Center for the Study of Social Policy, July 1995
  • Trading Outcome Accountability for Fund Flexibility: Negotiating New State Local Deals for (Core) Family and Children’s Service Dollars, Center for the Study of Social Policy, December 1995
  • A Strategy Map for Results-Based Budgeting: Moving from Theory to Practice, The Finance Project, Washington, D.C., September 1996
  • Organizing by Outcomes, A Different Organization Chart for State/Local Partnerships, Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, January 1997
  • A Guide to Developing and Using Performance Measures – In Results-Based Budgeting, The Finance Project, Washington, D.C., May 1997
  • A Guide to Developing and Using Family and Children’s Budgets, The Finance Project, Washington, D.C., August 1998
  • Reforming Finance, Financing Reform for Family and Children’s Services, The Foundation Consortium, January 20000
  • Results Accountability for California Proposition 10 Commissions: A Planning Guide for Improving the Well-Being of Young Children and Their Families, UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities, March 2000
  • The Results and Performance Accountability Implementation Guide, March 2001, online

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