Product Description

Turning Curves: An Accountability Companion Reader is a companion to “Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough,” (10th anniversary edition, 2015), which presents a data-driven decision making framework known as Results-Based Accountability (RBA) or Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA). The framework has been used across the US and in numerous countries around the world.

In this volume, Mark shares some of his writing from the last 10 years, and selected writings from the many friends and colleagues around the world who are putting RBA/OBA into practice. It’s a brilliant combination of success stories and practical advice, with a few controversial discussions on topics like teacher evaluation and social impact bonds thrown in for good measure.

Turning Curves contains more than 80 essays including:

  • The Vermont Accountability Compact
  • The Leeds Story by Nigel Richardson
  • How outcomes saved my life by Mike Pinnock
  • The simplest way to implement RBA
  • Using data for improvement not punishment.
  • How to measure the success of population level strategies
  • Collective Impact using RBA
  • How to build a performance foundation in your organization.
  • The problem with pay for performance in government.
  • Next Generation Contracting for funders and grantees
  • When infrastructure is the customer
  • Results based budgeting and least harm budget cuts
  • The performance of Administrative services, Arts organizations, Advocacy, Partnerships…………and much more

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