You aren’t the only one thinking about the age old question…

We get asked all the time: “We are a small non-profit.  Do we really need a Clear Impact Scorecard license?” or alternatively from a funder, “We are not sure some of our funded agencies have the capacity.  Should some get and others not get a Clear Impact Scorecard license?”

The answer to each question, respectively, is yes and no.  Yes, all non-profits need to know how they are doing, measurably, on a few but very important measures. And no, funders should not give consideration to the size of a non-profit when considering if they have the capacity to use the Clear Impact Scorecard.  All non-profits have a few minutes to organize their information in a way that would be meaningful for you and all of their other stakeholders.

So here are five reasons all non-profits need the Clear Impact Scorecard:

  1. Focus: Every non-profit needs to understand how they are doing related to financials, fundraising, staff and volunteer management and service delivery.  A few measures related to each area on a scorecard can help tell your board and others the story of how you are doing at any time.
  2. Accountability: Being able to report on the most important service delivery items on how much you do, how well you do it and whether your clients are better off to all your funders and donors inspires confidence that you fully understand the intent and impact of your program.
  3. Collaboration: Non-profits, especially small non-profits, can often feel like they are operating in a vacuum.  To overcome this, Clear Impact Scorecard creates the ability to articulate how your work contributes to the greater good in your community (i.e. population results and indicators) and provides the opportunity to work with other organizations that care about the same things.  Additionally, the Shared Practices Library in the Clear Impact Scorecard helps connect users to others locally and around the world looking to tackle similar challenges.
  4. Transparency: The ability to embed your scorecards on your public website and share them via social media creates additional transparency desired by your stakeholders.
  5. Low Price: Easy to get started.  At a base price of $80/month and all the tools built in to get you started quickly, what do you have to lose?

Learn more about how Clear Impact Scorecard can help your non-profit make greater impact today by going to