Clear Impact for Equity

Closing the Gaps So That Race Does Not Predict One’s Success

To achieve racial equity we must:

  • Target strategies to focus improvements for those most affected
  • Move beyond “services” and focus on changing policies, institutions and structures

Through our impact-focused services and software, Clear Impact can help organizations and communities improve outcomes and results for all by using an equity lens.

Equity Lens

To apply an equity lens data must be disaggregated by race, gender, age, class, location, etc. to enable us to truly develop the range of strategies necessary to ensure that race and other factors do not predict one’s success while also improving outcomes for all.   The Clear Impact Scorecard provides the tools to effectively analyze disaggregated data and develop the programs and strategies necessary to improve outcomes for all.

Collective Impact

When we talk about collective impact and community-led strategies we must be clear that the foundation of effective strategies and activities must be based on a racial equity and inclusion lens, to make sure no one is left behind. Applying a racial equity lens is not a separate principle of collective impact, nor it is a separate program, to be applied when needed. It is the foundation to which all activities should be based.  The Clear Impact consultants can provide the support to help communities develop effective collective impact strategies, based on an equity lens.

Racial Equity

Racial equity is just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.  Too often, we overlook racial equity while developing and implementing policies and programs. When racial equity in not included as a key component of our decision-making, racial inequities are likely to be perpetuated.  The Clear Impact consultants can provide support to help organizations effectively include a racial equity lens as they develop their policies and programs.

Analyze Performance

By taking a diagnostic approach, our services structure your measurable performance into a clear and precise framework and language that everyone agrees on to help you move forward together with confidence.

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Enhance Leadership

Our results-based leadership training workshops, integrated programs and facilitation services enhance motivation and build competencies needed to make positive personal, organizational and community change.

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Achieve Impact

Managers and stakeholders need access to accurate and clear information for effective planning and management. Our Clear Impact Scorecard software delivers the tools you need to create results internally and with grantees.

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