Didn’t have a chance to attend our recent public health webinar? You’re in luck! You can now watch the recording and download the slides below.

Title: Creating Your Accountability Blueprint – A Framework for Aligning Your CHA, CHIP, and Strategic Plan to Maximize Health Impact

Original Date: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

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This Webinar will provide you with a simple framework – an accountability blueprint – that encompasses everything from managing for the health of whole populations to managing the performance of the smallest programs. We will describe the framework and then share examples from public health departments.

In this webinar, Justin Miklas, Vice President of Clear Impact, will provide:

  • A simple accountability framework that can be used to align your CHA, CHIP, and Strategic Plan
  • The important distinction between population accountability and performance accountability
  • Examples of the framework being used in public health departments
  • The benefits of using software to automate your accountability framework
  • Criteria for selecting an automation platform

Phil Lee, President of Clear Impact, will provide:

  • A demo of the Clear Impact Scorecard for managing health department performance and impact