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2018 Results for Health Conference

Using Results-Based Accountability to Strengthen Health Improvement

May 16-18 2018

Crowne Plaza Resort | Asheville, North Carolina

About the Conference

From May 16th to May 18th, 2018, WNC Health Network and Clear Impact co-hosted a conference to highlight and support the innovation and collaboration taking place at the intersection of Results-Based Accountability™and health improvement.

Public health practitioners, hospital and healthcare representatives, government officials, civic leaders, social service agencies, nonprofit executives, and engaged community residents convened in Asheville, North Carolina for a highly active and engaging experience.

The focus was on moving from “talk” to action in health improvement. Some presentations have been made available for download below:

Downloadable Presentations:

Pre-conference Workshops:

Engaging Clients, Customers, and Communities for Greater Health Outcomes

Presented by Dan Duncan of Clear Impact

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Results-Based Accountability and Strategic Planning

Presented by Marcos Marquez of Clear Impact

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Conference Sessions:

Taking Measurable Actions for Health Equity

Presented by: Deitre Epps of Clear Impact

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Infusion of Results-Based Accountability to Address Social Determinants of Health

Presented by Lynn Baker of Macon County Public Health


Change Management and the RBA Journey in Alameda County, CA

Presented by Janice Chin of Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

View/ Download

Clear Impact Scorecard Super Users Group

Presented by Jo Bradley of WNC Health Network and Michael Adrian of Clear Impact

View/ Download

Bridging Health Research and Practice with Common Language and Tools

Presented by Ameena Batada of UNC Asheville

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Using RBA to Support Internal Alignment, Monitoring, and Improvement

Presented by Jo Bradley of WNC Health Network

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Approaching Complexity with Simplicity: Addressing the Rise of Hepatitis C

Presented by Melissa McKnight of Jackson County Department of Public Health

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Using RBA to Give Legs to Collective Impact and Community Engagement

Presented by Terri March of Mountain Area Health Education Center and Rebecca Reeve of NC Center for Health and Wellness