How to Improve Your Performance in 2019

As a leader, the goals you set for your organization will be instrumental in achieving the change you want in your community. Consider the after-school program that triples the number of children who earn a B-plus or above; the Fire Department that can raise the percentage of fires contained to the room of origin within [...]

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Your Data Deserves a Home! – The Value of Using an Online Scorecard

If you work in the public sector, your organization is probably engaging in some level of performance measurement. Good metrics help you gauge whether your services are performing efficiently and having the desired impact in the community. Performance metrics are great! But they’re not doing their job if they’re hard to organize, find, analyze, [...]

4 Inspiring Examples of Public Accountability Scorecards

It's one thing to measure performance and accountability behind the scenes and another to post the data online for all the world to see. Transparency and regular communication are virtually standard expectations in the public sector, but sharing performance data online (especially when that data showcases the "failures" along with the "successes") is considerably [...]

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Components of a Community Health Improvement Plan

When executed well, Community (or State/ Local/ Tribal) Health Improvement Plans are useful tools that help health departments: Provide a shared vision and framework for change Encourage multi-sector collaboration Prioritize community needs Identify high-leverage strategies Engage in data-based decision-making But not all plans are created equal or lead to significant results. How can you [...]

Public Sector Accountability – What Does it Really Mean?

We dream of a world where the word "accountability" evokes positivity, productivity, and collaboration for results. We're certainly trending in the right direction as more public sector organizations place greater emphasis on accountability for results. For example, public health departments can become nationally accredited by demonstrating accountability for delivering essential public health services; more governments [...]

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Get Clear Impact Scorecard for Free Forever

We believe in the immense power of Scorecard to help organizations deliver high-quality programs and create positive social impact. That’s why we wanted to increase access to more people around the world. Now, with our new free version of Scorecard, you can get started instantly, for free, forever! You’ll be able to get a [...]

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The Benefits of Upgrading to Scorecard Premium

Scorecard Free awesome! But you may be wondering whether it's time to upgrade. If you're serious about performance management, you've probably used all of the ten measures included in your subscription and are ready to create more. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to Scorecard Premium, the least of which are 1) unlimited [...]

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United Way and Clear Impact Scorecard – a Q&A with Berkshire United Way

If you are in the process of considering grantee performance management, reporting, and/or Global Results Framework solutions and tools, Clear Impact Scorecard is a viable option. Clear Impact Scorecard allows your United Way to not just look at the performance of individual programs and partners, but to aggregate this data and relate it to the [...]

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What is Impact and How do we Measure it?

In public sector work, we can't just try hard and hope for the best. Organization executives, boards, funders, individual investors, and communities are demanding proof of impact. People want to know whether their time, money, and efforts are making a difference – and why shouldn’t they? Understanding the type and quantity of impact we are [...]

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Examples of Effective Community Health Improvement Plans

When created effectively, Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) and Community Health Assessments (CHAs) are useful tools to guide collective health improvement efforts. CHIPs are most commonly created in traditional document form or digital form (which we refer to as an "e-CHIP") using an online performance management software. CHIPs that are created in document form [...]

Choose Results! An Interview with Raj Chawla

Calling all Results-Based Accountability and public sector leaders – you’re not going to want to miss this new book by Raj Chawla of the OCL Group! Choose Results! – by Raj Chawla – is a deeply considered call to action to leaders committed to improving people's wellbeing. Grounded in the fields of action learning, collaborative [...]

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What’s Your Accountability Score?

Why Be Accountable? A performance Scorecard is only helpful if it’s being used routinely and effectively. This means ensuring numerical and contextual data are up-to-date. The frequency with which you update your Scorecard doesn’t always directly translate into improvements, but diligence and accountability around data entry are integral to the improvement process. Looking at [...]

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