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Clear Impact provides performance management software, training and services to help government agencies, non-profits, communities, and foundations track the performance of their programs, measure the impact of their funding, and report on the progress of their missions to improve the lives of children, families and communities worldwide.

Our performance improvement experts work side-by-side with government leaders, executive directors and public sector professionals to establish measurable performance expectations, identify the right data indicators and continuously monitor the progress of programs and partners by implementing the proven Results-Based Accountability framework to deliver long-term, measurable impact.

Our easy-to-use, web-based Clear Impact Scorecard software helps program managers, grant managers and performance directors collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to simplify data collection, standardize reporting, measure progress and improve performance on a local, regional and national scale to move beyond quantities of people served and demonstrate that communities are actually better off.

Clear Impact and Results-Based Accountability™

Clear Impact has exclusive and worldwide rights to use Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA), including all of proprietary and intellectual property rights represented by RBA.  It is Clear Impact’s role, acting on behalf of Mark Friedman and Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, to enforce the fidelity of the RBA framework by licensing the use of RBA to consultants and organizations who sell RBA services. RBA/OBA intellectual property is free for use (with attribution) by government and nonprofit or voluntary sector organizations.

Clear Impact is the exclusive organization capable of certifying practitioners and consultants in the RBA framework.

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