Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide

A Comprehensive Resource for the RBA Community

This guide is intended for those working to implement Results-Based Accountability in their community, city, county, council, state or nation. Implementation is no small matter. The leap from theory to practice requires courage, time, discipline and some knowledge about how to do the work. The resources contained within this guide are devoted to this last ingredient; how to do the work. It is an attempt to summarize as much as possible of what we know about implementation.

If you haven’t already, also check out the other tools available to support the implementation of RBA, most notably the book, Trying Hard is Not Good Enough, and the software.

Access Resources from the RBA Guide Below:

rba implementation guide FAQ

In-Depth FAQ

rba glossary

Glossary of Terms

rba workshops

Workshop Materials

rba tools and books

Tools & Books


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