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Results-Based Accountability™

The Results-Based AccountabilityTM Guide uses and is based upon concepts and materials developed by Mark Friedman, author of Trying Hard is Not Good Enough (Trafford 2005) and founder and director of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute.

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Results-Based Accountability™
101 PowerPoint Presentation

This 90-minute workshop introduces participants to the Results-Based Accountability™ framework.  In the workshop, Results-Based Accountability™ is applied to both cross-community quality of life improvements and the management of programs, agencies, and service systems.  The PowerPoint file can easily be turned into a handout for attendees of the presentation.  It can also be re-tailored to fit the length of presentation you have available.

License: This presentation is free for internal use by any government or non-profit working to implement Results-Based Accountability™.  Use by independent consultants or trainers is prohibited.

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RBA Implementation Guide

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