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Scorecard Features

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Interactive Scorecards

The interactive scorecards give you flexible snapshot overviews of your performance and contribution to high-level goals, while still having the ability to zoom in to see precise details. Color ranged graphs allow you to analyze your data quickly and easily, so you can start acting to improve today. Clicking on any measure will bring you to a step-by-step process for helping you to improve that measure.

  • Embed live scorecards on your website for increased transparency with funders, partners, and the public.
  • Customize your graphs with color bands, forecasts, targets, notes, and more.
  • Export your graphs in a variety of formats (jpg. png. pdf. etc.) and easily integrate them into your presentations and reports.
  • Compare and Contrast multiple measures on one graph to visualize your data in the appropriate context.

In-Browser Strategy Mapping

Get creative and promote organizational alignment.  With Strategy Maps, you can create a clear line of sight between your organization’s individual efforts and your high-level goals. Strategy Maps are an invaluable tool for bringing people together to quickly build consensus on what work needs to be done and how their work matters.

  • Customize your maps with endless shapes, colors, font styles, hyperlinks, and attachments.
  • Interact with your map; clicking on map objects lets you instantly drill into the operational level and see the measures related to your efforts.
  • Embed your maps on external websites and export them into reports and presentations.

Gantt Chart Project Management

With drag and drop Gantt Charts, you can easily manage your projects, assign actions, set due dates, and monitor your progress.  Email alerts keep everyone on the same page to get results quick.  This will help you stay organized, accountable, and timely when executing your projects and performance improvement plans.

  • Turn complex projects into an organized breakdown of their component parts, displayed as an easy-to-read timeline.
  • Assign Actions to individual staff members via email, and monitor progress and completion.
  • Set and change due dates instantly on your project timeline to easily respond to changes in circumstance.
  • Drag, move, resize, and edit everything right on your project timeline to reduce repetitive data entry.

Custom Reporting

clear impact scorecard custom reporting

Clear Impact Scorecard comes with many pre-designed modern reports for the most common performance management tasks, but we know sometimes you need something really specific. Our custom ad-hoc reporting engine has you covered. Custom Reporting is a business intelligence module that allows you to connect directly to your software database and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood reports.

Customize Language

You can easily use the language editor to change the labels for different software “objects.” For example, if you wanted to change your “Results” to “Goals” or your “Measures” to “Metrics” you can easily do so without any programming skills required. Using the language editor will allow you to quickly align the structure of the software to work with your chosen methodology.

Publish Data to Your Website

Increase transparency, inspire confidence with funders, and motivate partners and volunteers by embedding live Scorecards onto your public website or sharing them through social media. Other elements within the software can also be embedded, including your Gantt Charts, Graphs, Strategy Maps, Turn the Curve templates, and Program Reports. Your embedded Scorecards will update automatically whenever information is updated in the software, so your website will always be up-to-date.

Scorecard Fast Builder

Get your system up and running fast with the Scorecard Fast Builder. Create and configure an entire scorecard with all of its Results, Indicators, Programs & Performance Measures all on the same screen. Visualize the structure of your scorecard as you build it, and make quick edits on the fly.

Share Data with Partners

Clear Impact Scorecard customers can link together, so you can easily connect with your partner organizations to share data, coordinate efforts, and create collective impact. This feature is particularly useful in sharing specific scorecards in reporting to specific funders. Others may just use it locally to collaborate towards a common agenda.

Virtual Facilitator

Clear Impact Scorecard is built upon proven performance improvement techniques from the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework. The Virtual RBA Facilitator tool is a series of short videos designed to guide new users through each step of the most important aspects of improving performance regardless of your experience.

Template Library

To help you get off to the fastest start possible, we have compiled a library of commonly used scorecards from various communities and organizations from around the world, including but not limited to, Promise Neighborhoods, Campaign for Grade Level Reading, United Way, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Public Health Accreditation Board.

File Imports and API

There are two bulk ways to get data in & out of the software. CSV files are used by many users for desktop data operations, such as moving data values from Excel into the Clear Impact Scorecard. Our API is used for more technical, more automated tasks, such as keeping other software systems in sync with Scorecard.

Technical Requirements

clear impact scorecard screenshots

Clear Impact Scorecard runs beautifully on all modern web browsers and requires no additional plugins or resources to be installed on local computers. All you need to start improving outcomes today is a browser and an internet connection. Our supported browsers include: Mozilla Firefox 20+, Google Chrome 12+, Microsoft IE 9+, Apple Safari 6+, and Other modern browsers.

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