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Public Health Organization

I need to create a culture of quality, improve our community’s health, and share our story.

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United Way

I need to communicate better with partners, simplify performance reporting and demonstrate our impact.

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Government Agency

I need to create transparency and accountability for government programs and services.

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I need to improve program performance, demonstrate the impact of our funding, and do the most we can with the resources we have. 

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Create Measurable Impact with Clear Impact Scorecard.

Software to help you easily track the performance of your programs, measure the impact of your funding, and share your success with the world. 

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With Clear Impact Scorecard, you’ll get three core tools your organization needs to become a well-oiled machine. The best part? There’s no need to purchase separate systems because they’re all included.


Performance Improvement

Measure, improve, and report the impact of your organization and the performance of your programs.

Popular Features

Interactive Scorecards

Customizable Graphs

Embed Scorecards on Website

In-browser Note Editor

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Strategy Visualization

Foster organizational alignment, create useful infographics, and visualize the connection between all your efforts.

Popular Features

Interactive Strategy Maps

Endless Customization

Add Links/ Attachments

Embed on Website

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Project Management

Keep everyone accountable, monitor the progress of projects, and make sure the work gets done.

Popular Features

Interactive Gantt Chart Timelines

Assign Actions

Email Alerts

Organize Actions by Program

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Join Us for Measurable Equity 2020

November 13th + 17th, 2020

Interactively Explore Perspectives On Race, Racism, And Racial And Ethnic Disparities

Garner insights that are both profound and practical for understanding and choosing the roles we play when it comes to equity in America, our communities, and our organizations.

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