High performance is the “ability to deliver—over a prolonged period of time—meaningful, measurable, and financially sustainable results for the people or causes the organization is in existence to serve.” The Leap Ambassador’s Community, a network of more than 50 nonprofit executives, has spent a year developing the seven pillars (or habits) that lead most reliably to high performance:

  • Courageous, adaptive executive and board leadership
  • Disciplined, people-focused management
  • Well-designed and well-implemented programs and strategies
  • Financial health and sustainability
  • A culture that values learning
  • Internal monitoring for continuous improvement
  • External evaluation for mission effectiveness

The Performance Imperative is a great step forward in defining the conditions necessary to being a high-performance organization. In his paper, Luecking will provide you with concrete methods and actions to help you measure, monitor, and achieve these conditions of the Performance Imperative and maximize your community impact. Instead of just talking about high performance, Adam Luecking’s paper will help you actually get there with Results-Based Accountability.

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