Components of Effective Collective ImpactThe Components of Effective Collective Impact

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  • a clear, common purpose;
  • Community engagement and co-production;
  • Relationships and trust; and
  • Results and accountability

As more collective impact initiatives are launched around the world, many participants are realizing that effective collective impact will not simply occur through better coordination of services, whether this is done by one organization or even a multitude of organizations. It requires a “sea change” in our thinking, and the development of community-led strategies focused on achieving real change in the lives and communities we serve.

Also, when we talk about collective impact and community-led strategies we must be clear that the foundation of effective collective impact must be based on a racial equity and inclusion lens to make sure no one is left behind. Applying a racial equity lens is not a separate principle of collective impact, nor it is a separate program, to be applied when needed. It is the foundation to which all activities should be based. Therefore, to apply a racial equity & inclusion lens data must be disaggregated by race, gender, age, class, location, etc. to enable us to truly develop the range of strategies necessary to ensure that race does not predict one’s success while also improving outcomes for all. To accomplish this, we need to target strategies to assist those most affected. We also must move beyond “services” and focus on changing polices and institutions.

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