The Clear Impact Journey

Clear Impact provides performance management software, training, and services along an intentional roadmap to help government agencies, non-profits, and foundations track the performance of their programs, measure the impact of their funding and report on the progress of their missions to improve the lives of children, families, and communities worldwide.

The Journey to Creating Measurable Improvement - Clear Impact

1. Discover the Basics of Results-Based Accountability

Check out the book Trying Hard is Not Good Enough, publications, and videos on the Clear Impact website and share these with co-workers and executive leadership.

2. Share the Concepts With Your Team

Participate in an organization-wide RBA 101 session to establish buy-in, get people speaking the same language, and create organizational alignment towards common goals.

3. Develop Internal Champions

Enroll internal leaders in the RBA Professional Certification to build capacity, increase effectiveness of RBA implementation, and build sustainability for long-term efforts.

4. Define Community Goals

Identify the intended Results and Indicators for your community and align your organizational strategy to meet those Results.

5. Create Aligned Program Goals

Clearly define Performance Measures for managing grantee, program, and internal performance on an ongoing basis.

6. Collect & Manage Data with Clear Impact Scorecard

Easily organize, share, and track the performance of your funded programs and partners to measure the impact of your work.

7. Leverage Data for Informed Action

Engage in Turn the Curve exercises for Indicators and Performance Measures to develop appropriate and effective improvement strategies.

8. Demonstrate Your Social Impact

Increase transparency, inspire confidence with funders, and motivate partners/volunteers by sharing your live Scorecard data.

9. Improve Quality of Life in Your Community

Maximize the impact of your work and measurably improve the lives of the people you serve by continually engaging in Turn the Curve thinking and data-driven decision-making.

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