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Why Go Virtual?

Save time, save money, and achieve your mission!

Virtual training courses and workshops are an ideal option for many because they allow for greater attendance and participation. They also eliminate travel costs. Greater attendance and no travel means you’ll get the best value for the cost.

Virtual workshops help keep all your employees on the same page and progressing simultaneously towards your training goals. Virtual workshops can also be recorded and shared easily with employees who absolutely cannot attend.

Our Virtual Workshops and Training:

**If a workshop is delivered live to your attendees, “LIVE” will appear next to the title.

Training/Consulting Workshops

Results-Based Accountability 101 [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop introduces participants to the Results-Based Accountability™ framework as described by Mark Friedman in his book, Trying Hard is Not Good Enough. Participants will learn the fundamentals of the RBA framework and explore its applicability to both cross-community quality of life improvements and the management of programs, agencies, and service systems.

Topics covered include how to:
• Establish results and indicators of community well-being
• Use results to drive decision making and budgeting
• Identify performance measures for programs, agencies, and service systems
• Use performance measures to improve performance and
• Link program accountability to cross-community efforts

PRICING: $5,000 for (4) 3 hour sessions

The Power of Asset-Based Community Development [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop is for organizations and individuals interested in discovering the power of Asset-Based Community Development to help build stronger, healthier communities and neighborhoods by unlocking the gifts of the residents, associations, and organizations.

PRICING: $2,500 for (2) 3 hour sessions

Collective Impact (RBA and ABCD Focus) [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

The term Collective Impact is now receiving a lot of attention in the nonprofit world. During this interactive virtual workshop, participants will hear stories of effective Collective Impact through the power of Asset-Based Community Development and Results-Based Accountability™.

PRICING: $5,000 for (4) 3 hour sessions

Achieving Results For and With Youth [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop details a practical and holistic approach for communities to plan for and show the impact of its work. This approach involves youth and other community members to use the Results–Based Accountability™ framework to efficiently and effectively address the specific challenges faced by the youth in the community. It is action-oriented and flexible. Facilitators adapt the process to the particular needs of the community.

PRICING: $2,500 for (2) 3 hour sessions

RBA Implementation Workshop [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop is for those that already have a strong foundation in the concepts of RBA, and want to build their capacity to implement those concepts at their organization. Topics will include:
• Best practices in selecting Results and Indicators
• How to develop and prioritize program Performance Measures
• Individualized Performance Measure selection
• Turn the Curve Facilitation

PRICING: $5,000 for (4) 3 hour sessions

Clear Impact Scorecard Workshops

Introduction to Clear Impact Scorecard [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This virtual workshop is designed for first-time Scorecard users (veteran users also welcome for a refresher!) and is geared toward users who are responsible for building Scorecards and entering data. The pres presenter will provide an overview of the Scorecard and walk each participant through the process to create and manage Scorecards, including entering data in the Scorecard and providing valuable information on maintaining data integrity.

PRICING: $1,250 for (1) 3 hour sessions

Clear Impact Scorecard Advanced Administrator Workshop [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop is designed for those seeking to master all aspects of the Clear Impact Scorecard software. It will begin with an in-depth overview of features and functionality, as well as cover all of the advanced administration functions. Participants will develop an enhanced skill-set that will allow you to build optimized scorecards and accelerate improvement within your organization.

PRICING: $2,500 for (2) 3 hour sessions

Using Scorecard Data to Make Key Decisions [LIVE + INTERACTIVE]

This interactive virtual workshop is designed for those that are using Clear Impact Scorecard at their organization and want to further their skills in using it to create improvement. Users will learn best practices for using performance measures and community indicator data to plan for improvements in funded programs, partnerships, and initiatives.

PRICING: $2,500 for (2) 3 hour sessions

Custom Workshops/ Training

We’re prepared to meet you where you’re at! If none of our pre-designed workshops appeal to you, we will work with you directly to develop a custom training session, workshop, and/ or webinar. Topics for custom workshops have ranged from leadership building to advanced RBA implementation to performance measure development, and beyond.

PRICING: variable

Certification Courses

Results-Based Accountability Professional Certification Online Course

The Results-Based Accountability Professional Certification Program from Clear Impact is an online training and certification course designed for individuals and organizations that want to master the principles of RBA. By participating in the course, you will deepen your knowledge, enhance your RBA implementation skillset, and become better equipped to lead data-driven initiatives. Certifying staff in Results-Based Accountability can help organizations increase internal capacity, improve performance, and create measurable results for customers and communities. The RBA Professional Certification is 100% online, meaning you can learn at your own pace and convenience.

PRICING: $3,500 per 3 students (ends May 7th) | Regularly $1750 per student

From now until May 7th, 2020, you can get one free course for every two courses purchased. Please contact to pay by invoice.

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Learn more about the RBA Professional Certification here>>

Free Webinars

Over the years, we’ve conducted webinars on topics covering Results-Based Accountability, Collective Impact, Asset Based Accountability, United Ways, Children and Youth, Health, and more!

You can view our full list of previously prerecorded webinars on our website here.


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