Clear Impact Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Committed to Continuous Improvement

This Plan was Last Updated: 08/03/2020

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Clear Impact is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and it is one of our five core values.  We are a white led organization and we have plenty of work to do to improve, but below are the initial elements of our company DEI plan with both our internal and external company policies.  As we continue to learn on our journey, the plan will be updated to reflect our priorities.

Internal Company Policies

Economic Equity  

    • Implement a Stock Option Plan in 2021 
    • Ensure pay parity for people in the equivalent roles  
    • Continue 4% 401k match 
    • Continue short term and long term disability plans 
    • Continue Health Benefits covered 100%:  Medical, Vision and Dental 


    • Increase the diversity of our interviewees by mandating one person of color and one woman be interviewed for each position before any hire is made 
    • Diversify the places we advertise for new positions to reach more women and people of color 

Hiring, Succession Planning, & Promotion 

    • Identify staff of color for leadership positions:  
      • Specifically Chief Customer Officer as a promotion 
      • CFO position when we hire for it 
    • Provide feedback to current staff on what they need to advance 
    • Provide training and development to help current staff advance 

Career Development 

    • Maintain diversity of existing staff 
    • Resume Individual Development Plans and Annual Performance Reviews for all staff in Q4 2020 
    • Continue Tuition Reimbursement Plan 

Training and Consultation 

    • Initiate company-wide racial equity and implicit bias learning opportunities at least twice a year, likely around the MLK and Juneteenth holidays 
    • Continue twoday Racial Equity Training for all new staff 


    • Stop celebrating Columbus Day 
    • Start Celebrating Juneteenth 


    • Be aware of the mental, emotional, spiritual toll that everything that is happening with our employees and encourage self-care as a priority 
    • Remind staff of Employee Assistance Program for mental health (4 hours) 
    • Provide opportunities for discussion and growth 
    • On-going Women of Clear Impact meetings 

Product and Service Offerings 

    • Develop uniform company protocols and training videos as to how the consultants, and others, use Scorecard, Compyle, etc. as tools to advance equity.  

External Company Policies

Corporate Giving 

    • 1% of annual net income to the Winning on Equity Fund established by PolicyLink at San Francisco Foundation 

Discounts for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOCled organizations 

    • 50% discount on the RBA Professional Certification for BIPOC led organizations 
    • 10% discount on professional services for BIPOC led organizations 
    • 250 free participants in Clear Impact Compyle for BIPOC led organizations  

Free tools for communities and organizations committed to the Racial Equity  

    • Free Community Racial Equity Scorecard (50 free metrics) in Clear Impact Scorecard for any community designed in consultation with PolicyLink 
    • 10 free metrics in Clear Impact Scorecard for any organization to align with a community’s Racial Equity Accountability Pledge 

Products and services 

    • Continue to deliver training services that explicitly seek to improve racial equity (Results-Based Accountability, Collective Impact, Asset-Based Community Development, Executive Coaching) along with our software offerings 

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