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Popularized by the Stanford Social Innovation Review article by Kania and Kramer, Collective Impact has been the recent focus of communities looking to solve their most entrenched social problems.  What has been learned is that no one program can improve the quality of life for all the residents in a community.  It takes a well-coordinated team effort.  Here is how Clear Impact can help your community partners and their backbone support organizations to organize around a common agenda, define means to measure progress, share data, and use information to drive their strategies and activities:

  • A Common Agenda: The use of population Results and Indicators provides a clear, practical and measurable way of articulating a common agenda for a community.
  • Shared Measurement System: Defining performance measures for each community partner that clearly align with the Common Agenda (Population Results and Indicators) provides the information needed to make decisions and revise strategies going forward.
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Collecting data is only half the battle. Transparency in your planning can help you to use data to make decisions and guide your strategies to improve.
  • Continuous Communication: Communication, not just between partners but also with funders and the public, is a key component to any successful Collective Impact initiative.
  • Backbone Support Organization: A backbone organization provides the supporting infrastructure for a Collective Impact effort and is a facilitator of a highly structured data-driven decision making process.

“For us, it helps to keep how we’re moving at the front of the conversation as well. So we can use that tool to pull it up at the front of a meeting and begin talking about what is the progress that we’ve made toward these results so far and where are areas of improvement. The Scorecard itself, particularly in being able to tell the story behind the curve, has been critical.”

JaNel Jamerson
Executive Director

Flint & Genesee Literacy Network

Analyze Performance

By taking a diagnostic approach, our services structure your measurable performance into a clear and precise framework and language that everyone agrees on to help you move forward together with confidence.


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Our results-based leadership training workshops, integrated programs and facilitation services enhance motivation and build competencies needed to make positive personal, organizational and community change.


Achieve Impact

Managers and stakeholders need access to accurate and clear information for effective planning and management. Our Clear Impact Scorecard software delivers the tools you need to create results internally and with grantees.


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