Localizing Post-2015: Achieving Measurable Improvements with Results-Based Accountability

Concept Overview As UNDP and HABITAT, on behalf of the United Nations Development Group (UNDP), and the Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments continue the consultation on “Localizing the post-2015 agenda,” Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) should be adopted as a framework for local action.  Distinct from Results-Based Management (RBM) utilized by the United [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Five Reasons All Non-profits Need Clear Impact Scorecard

You aren’t the only one thinking about the age old question… We get asked all the time: “We are a small non-profit.  Do we really need a Clear Impact Scorecard license?” or alternatively from a funder, “We are not sure some of our funded agencies have the capacity.  Should some get and others not get [...]

Turn the Curve Thinking: Continuous Communication led by a Backbone Organization

Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact, provides a step by step overview of how to facilitate turn the curve thinking within an organization or across partners in a community.  Turn the curve thinking can provide the rigor and transparency needed to support measurable improvements.  It also creates a container for continuous communication and facilitating that [...]