Scorecard Free awesome! But you may be wondering whether it’s time to upgrade. If you’re serious about performance management, you’ve probably used all of the ten measures included in your subscription and are ready to create more.

There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to Scorecard Premium, the least of which are 1) unlimited users, and 2) more measures (subscriptions start with 50).

Here are just some of the great things you can do with Scorecard Premium:

What are the Benefits of Upgrading?

Better Collaboration and Efficient Data Entry with Unlimited Users

With Scorecard Free, you only get three users. With Premium, you can have as many people using the Scorecard as you want. Your managers and staff will get more hands-on usage of the Scorecard, making data entry quicker and more streamlined. When everyone is using the same system and performance management framework, interdepartmental communication and teamwork will improve.

More Opportunities to Measure and Improve with 50 Measures Included

We can’t improve what we don’t understand, and we can’t fully understand what we don’t have data for. So, measuring ten things is better than measuring nothing. But ten measures probably isn’t enough to cover the full range of programs, services, and operations that contribute to your mission. You may also want to measure many indicators of community wellbeing to help guide your work. With Scorecard Premium, you’re able to create as many measures as you want to help achieve your goals.

Stay Informed and Facilitate Communication with Partner Connect

Scorecard Premium customers can link together, so you can easily connect with your partner organizations to share data, coordinate efforts, and create collective impact. This feature is particularly useful in sharing specific scorecards in reporting to particular funders. Others may just use it locally to collaborate towards a common agenda.

Get on the Fast Track to Success with Email and Chat Support

All Scorecard users have access to the Scorecard knowledge center within the software. Sometimes it’s easier to just talk to an expert! When you upgrade, you’ll get assigned to a Scorecard success manager who can answer questions, meet with you virtually or on the phone, and help you get the most out of your subscription.

Create Customized Reports that Make Sense and Meet Your Needs

All Scorecard subscriptions come with pre-designed reports for the most common performance management tasks, but we know sometimes you need something really specific. Our custom ad-hoc reporting engine has you covered. Custom Reporting is a business intelligence module that allows you to connect directly to your software database and quickly transform raw data into useful and readily understood reports.

Check out all the features included in our different pricing plans here.

How to Upgrade Online

1. Create your free account
2. Access “”billing”” (in the left grey navigation bar in Scorecard)
3. Click “products/services”
4. Review your account and upgrade your subscription

Have any questions about upgrading? Wondering whether Premium or Scorecard Network is for you? You can contact one of our friendly staff here.