Using Clear Impact Scorecard to Track COVID-19 (New Daily Reporting Feature)

What Should we Track for COVID-19? Due to the rapid nature of infectious disease spread, using data tracking systems that offer daily reporting time periods is a must. Daily, real-time data is needed for epidemiologists to conduct effective public health surveillance, or “the systematic collection, analysis, and interpretation of health data” (CDC). This data [...]

The Benefits of Technology in Workforce Development

By: Ellie Giles, Ed.D The core or backbone of any positive workforce development program is the strong connections to employers, training organizations, supportive services and, of course, the job seeker. The connections can be complex, and they require strategic coordination and enhanced collaboration. Typically, this is achieved through multiple case management meetings that referred job [...]

The Benefits of Unlimited Scorecard Users

Upgrading your Clear Impact Scorecard subscription gives you immediate access to unlimited users - without ever having to speak to a representative. There are many benefits that come with involving more people in your performance management process and software system. Having unlimited users allows you to get more people in your organization (and your [...]

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New PHAB Initial Accreditation Tool for State, Local, and Tribal Health Departments

Clear Impact Scorecard now supports documentation for initial national public health accreditation (via the Public Health Accreditation Board) for state, local, and tribal health departments. What is the Clear Impact Scorecard Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool? The new Clear Impact Scorecard PHAB Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool allows health departments to collaboratively create, edit and organize [...]

Clear Impact Announces Usage-Based Pricing for Scorecard Customers

New Pricing Model Allows Organizations to Expand Access to Performance Management Software to Unlimited Users, Partners, and Stakeholders Rockville, Maryland – June 26, 2019 – Clear Impact, a leading provider of performance management software, today announced a new, usage-based pricing model to make the benefits of performance management software more accessible for non-profits, government agencies, [...]

4 Inspiring Examples of Public Accountability Scorecards

It's one thing to measure performance and accountability behind the scenes and another to post the data online for all the world to see. Transparency and regular communication are virtually standard expectations in the public sector, but sharing performance data online (especially when that data showcases the "failures" along with the "successes") is considerably [...]

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Get Clear Impact Scorecard for Free Forever

We believe in the immense power of Scorecard to help organizations deliver high-quality programs and create positive social impact. That’s why we wanted to increase access to more people around the world. Now, with our new free version of Scorecard, you can get started instantly, for free, forever! You’ll be able to get a [...]

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The Benefits of Upgrading to Scorecard Premium

Scorecard Free awesome! But you may be wondering whether it's time to upgrade. If you're serious about performance management, you've probably used all of the ten measures included in your subscription and are ready to create more. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to Scorecard Premium, the least of which are 1) [...]

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Examples of Effective Community Health Improvement Plans

When created effectively, Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) and Community Health Assessments (CHAs) are useful tools to guide collective health improvement efforts. CHIPs are most commonly created in traditional document form or digital form (which we refer to as an "e-CHIP") using an online performance management software. CHIPs that are created in document form [...]

Criteria for Selecting an e-CHIP Software

Digital Community Health Improvement Plans or “e-CHIPs” are much more effective than paper-based CHIPs. Software systems are easier to update than large documents, making e-CHIP data more timely and accessible. Online software systems are also easier to navigate, making e-CHIPs easier to share with stakeholders, partners, and the public. These benefits can help lead [...]