Watch Now – Creating Your Accountability Blueprint – Your First Step Toward PHAB Accreditation

Are you seeking PHAB Accreditation? You can simplify your path toward accreditation and ensure you maintain it by implementing a clear accountability framework. Watch our free recorded webinar - Creating Your Accountability Blueprint: Your First Step Toward PHAB Accreditation - this October to learn more. Watch Webinar Description: Seeking PHAB accreditation without a [...]

CASE STUDY: Sailing to Good Health with the Vermont e-SHIP

Leading the Fleet - One of the Healthiest States in the Nation Vermont is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest (and sometimes happiest) states in the Nation. In 2017, Vermont tied with South Dakota for the top spot in the Gallup-Sharecare 2017 State of American Well-Being Rankings, with high scores for physical health, social [...]

New E-Book: The 6 Components of an Effective Community Health Improvement Plan

Is Your CHIP Designed for Impact? While Community/Neighborhood/State/Tribal Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) are great tools for outlining and communicating strategies to important stakeholders, how can we be sure our efforts will achieve measurable impact? The guidelines provided in this new (and free!) e-book, The 6 Components of an Effective CHIP, will help you write a simpler, [...]

Clear Impact Scorecard: the Thinking Behind the Tool

If you're new to Clear Impact Scorecard or thinking about becoming a user, understanding the thinking behind the tool will help you create clear, organized Scorecards that effectively communicate your efforts and progress. Clear Impact Scorecard is built using Results-Based Accountability (RBA) methodology. RBA is a decision-making framework used by organizations, agencies, and communities around [...]