How to Build a Successful Scorecard for Your Program or Community

"What gets measured gets done."  -Michael LeBouef Scorecard (Noun): an organized set of performance measures, grouped according to various aspects of performance (Frost); (Noun) a report or indication of the status, condition, or success of something or someone (Merriam Webster). The use of Scorecards to support performance improvement efforts are important because they provide a [...]

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State Representative Diana Urban Responds to Tough RBA Criticisms

Connecticut State Representative Diana Urban knows a thing or two about how to answer tough questions on performance measurement in her state's government. Urban recently appeared on the BBC One's Sunday Politics Northern Ireland segment to address criticisms of the Results-Based Accountability framework (a.k.a Outcomes-Based Accountability in parts of the UK) and how her state is [...]

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New Online Database Shares RBA Successes from Around the Globe

ROCKVILLE, MD (8/30/16) - The Global Results-Based Accountability Success Stories Library is a new online database designed to accelerate global wellbeing. The Library showcases organizations and communities that have used the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework to improve their performance and/or achieve impact on issues like poverty, homelessness, child welfare, education, public health, equity, and more. Users can search [...]

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Watch: Implementing Results-Based Accountability in the Children and Family Sector

If you missed our recent webinar, “Implementing RBA in the Children and Family Sector," you’re in luck! We’ve recorded the webinar and it is available for you to view below. Want access to the webinar slides? Click the button below to take our feedback survey: Tell us what you thought and get a reward :) [...]

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Results-Based Accountability Goes to Beijing, China

A recent trip to China to train foundations and nonprofits in the use of Results-Based Accountability (RBA) has resulted in the initial planning stages for a national Chinese event this September and an exclusive Clear Impact Scorecard reseller partnership. From May 12 – 20 2016, China’s Capacity Building Assessment Center and the Maryland China Center [...]

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Incarceration Has “Devastating toll” on Kids, Families, Communities

According to a new policy report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “having a parent incarcerated is a stressful, traumatic experience of the same magnitude as abuse, domestic violence, and divorce.” Furthermore, the report reveals that neighborhoods struggling with high rates of incarcerated parents often lack the supports needed by [...]

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WATCH: Clear Impact Scorecard Community of Practice Webinar

For those who were unable to attend our recent webinar, “Clear Impact Scorecard Community of Practice: Best Practices to Turning Curves”, you’re in luck! We’ve recorded the webinar, and it is now available to view at your leisure below. Feel free to share this free resource with friends and colleagues, and be sure [...]

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WATCH: The Power of Asset Based Community Development and RBA

For those who were unable to attend our recent webinar, “The Power of Asset Based Community Development and Results Based Accountability for Greater Impact and Results for Children Families and Communities”, you’re in luck! We’ve recorded the webinar, and it is now available to view at your leisure below. Feel free to [...]

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