*NEW* Webinar – The Very Best Results-Based Accountability Implementation Examples

You are invited to join Clear Impact consultants for a webinar on Thursday April 29th at 1:00 PM EST - The Very Best Results-Based Accountability Implementation Examples. *This webinar will be recorded if you cannot attend. Please register to get the recording when it is available.* Register>> Boost your Results-Based Accountability initiative and learn [...]

Limited Time – Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Results-Based Accountability Certification

The Results-Based Accountability (RBA) Professional Certification Program is an online training and certification course designed for individuals and organizations that want to master the principles of RBA, deepen their knowledge, enhance their RBA implementation skillset, and become better equipped to lead data-driven initiatives. Enroll by May 7th, 2020 and you'll get one free RBA [...]

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Results-Based Accountability and Outcomes-Based Evaluation: Same Thing? (Guest Post)

This guest post was re-published here with permission from the author (more info below). You can read it in its original form here on the National Institutes of Health, National Network of Libraries of Medicine website. We are currently working with performance measures and indicators in assessing the programs of the NNLM (National Network of Libraries of [...]

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90 Second Testimonial: RBA in Tarrant County, Texas

Too busy to read a lengthy testimonial? We could sit here and wax poetic about the benefits your organization could experience through the use of the Results-Based Accountability framework (and we often do). But sometimes, we (and probably you) don't have time for that! Instead, today we bring you a brief testimonial from our friends at the [...]

Managing the Accountability Paradox

Public sector managers sometimes feel like they are caught in a paradox. Consider the following scenario. Janelle is a division director going to her agency’s budget meeting, where she will negotiate her division’s budget. As she leaves her office, Janelle’s staff yells, “Bring home the bacon!” During the budget meeting, however, she is persuaded that [...]

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Improving High School Graduation by 17%

How United Way of Central Iowa used ends-to-means thinking and Clear Impact Scorecard to help students succeed at all grade levels. Don't want to read the full story? It's really good ;)...That's ok, you can jump to: Using Ends-To-Means Thinking to Uncover Community Needs What works to Turn the Curve on High School Graduation Using [...]

Outcomes Based Accountability: Be Brave! Be Disciplined!

Frances Lyons, Assistant Director of National Children's Bureau (Northern Ireland) - talks about Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA). As the lead on evidence and impact work in NCB, I spend my days (and evenings) supporting organisations to measure and understand the difference they make to people's lives and focus on outcomes rather than outputs. It's that [...]

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Measuring Shared Outcomes Across Funding Streams

Funders deserve to know that the work that they are funding is making a difference to the people they serve. But is it possible to measure shared outcomes effectively and meaningfully across funding streams? When collected and used effectively, data can help funders work collaboratively with organisations to: Measure and clearly articulate that they [...]

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Reducing Childhood Developmental Vulnerability in Australia

In 2009, Australia became the first country in the world to collect national data on the developmental health and wellbeing of all children as they start their first year of full-time school. The latest Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) was released on 9 March 2016, and while it shows signs of [...]

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Death by Frameworks: Why You Only Need One Framework to Measure Outcomes

Written by: Maya Romic Former Capacity Building Consultant fams, Australia It is an exciting time to work in outcomes measurement and Collective Impact. We are getting smarter about the way we talk about and act on social issues. We are engaging in meaningful discussions about outcomes measurement and Collective Impact, [...]