Public Sector Accountability – What Does it Really Mean?

We dream of a world where the word "accountability" evokes positivity, productivity, and collaboration for results. We're certainly trending in the right direction as more public sector organizations place greater emphasis on accountability for results. For example, public health departments can become nationally accredited by demonstrating accountability for delivering essential public health services; more governments [...]

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Results-Based Accountability and Outcomes-Based Evaluation: Same Thing? (Guest Post)

This guest post was re-published here with permission from the author (more info below). You can read it in its original form here on the National Institutes of Health, National Network of Libraries of Medicine website. We are currently working with performance measures and indicators in assessing the programs of the NNLM (National Network of Libraries of [...]

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90 Second Testimonial: RBA in Tarrant County, Texas

Too busy to read a lengthy testimonial? We could sit here and wax poetic about the benefits your organization could experience through the use of the Results-Based Accountability framework (and we often do). But sometimes, we (and probably you) don't have time for that! Instead, today we bring you a brief testimonial from our friends at the [...]

Managing the Accountability Paradox

Public sector managers sometimes feel like they are caught in a paradox. Consider the following scenario. Janelle is a division director going to her agency’s budget meeting, where she will negotiate her division’s budget. As she leaves her office, Janelle’s staff yells, “Bring home the bacon!” During the budget meeting, however, she is persuaded that [...]

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Leaking Roofs and Social Wellbeing…What’s the Connection?

Have you ever had a leaking roof? No? Well...just humor us for a moment. Pretend if you have to. Whether you’ve experienced a leaking roof or not, you’ll probably agree that it is not a good idea to ignore the problem until the roof caves in. Because we aren’t tickled by the thought of living [...]

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Watch: Implementing Results-Based Accountability in the Children and Family Sector

If you missed our recent webinar, “Implementing RBA in the Children and Family Sector," you’re in luck! We’ve recorded the webinar and it is available for you to view below. Want access to the webinar slides? Click the button below to take our feedback survey: Tell us what you thought and get a reward :) [...]

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The End is in Sight! How Outcomes Shape Our Work

One of the essential elements of Results-Based Accountability is starting with ends and then working backwards to means. For some, this is a concept they are really familiar with. Others find it confusing. There are many reasons why starting with ends is important. But one thing is clear: defining the outcomes [...]

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The Best Way to Tackle Sustainable Development in Africa

This article was written and generously contributed to us by Ken Fullerton. The original was first published by Ayiba Magazine and can be viewed here. Despite setting out to achieve the ‘best’ impacts or results, many development initiatives implemented by governments and organisations around the world do not achieve their intended [...]

How to Achieve the Performance Imperative with Results-Based Accountability

“High-performance organization” is a moniker most organizations—private, public, or nonprofit—would love to earn. And yet who can say what “high performance” really means for mission-based nonprofits? More important, how do executives, boards, and funders get there from here? The Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of more than 50 nonprofit executives, has spent the past year [...]

4 Ways Outcomes-Based Accountability™ can Improve Leadership in the United Kingdom

David Burnby of Burnby and Associates—an Outcomes-Based Accountability™ (OBA) consulting firm based in Hull, England—has recently offered his take on the usefulness of OBA as an effective leadership tool in the United Kingdom. Although written more than a year ago, David’s words remain current, as effective leadership continues to be of concern around the world. [...]