Choose Results! An Interview with Raj Chawla

Calling all Results-Based Accountability and public sector leaders – you’re not going to want to miss this new book by Raj Chawla of the OCL Group! Choose Results! – by Raj Chawla – is a deeply considered call to action to leaders committed to improving people's wellbeing. Grounded in the fields of action learning, collaborative [...]

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City on the Line – New Book Chronicles Baltimore’s Massive Budget Transformation in the Name of Outcomes

We're excited to share with you a new book by our colleague and former Baltimore budget director, Andrew Kleine. The book is titled City on the Line: How Baltimore Transformed its Budget to Beat the Great Recession and Deliver Outcomes. You can purchase it now on Amazon. Baltimore has received national recognition for inventing CitiStat—an office that uses [...]

Leading for Change!

Being in a leadership role has its challenges. In the current climate, leading for change in communities requires specific skills and attributes in order to drive that change. In other words, trying hard is just not good enough anymore! For example, my homeland of Australia is in a time of dissatisfaction [...]

Clear Impact Challenges and Motivates Staff with First Annual Employee Development Week and Staff Olympic Games

If you are a client or regular reader of this blog, you may already know some of the organizational values Clear Impact embodies. For one, the name of our company itself, “Results Leadership,” represents our commitment to fostering the the capacity of individuals at any level within an organization, partnership or collaboration to produce measurable [...]

Defining Results Essential to Leadership Development Says Donna Stark: SSIR Blog Post

Donna Stark Donna Stark—Vice President of Talent and Leadership at the Annie E. Casey Foundation—recently refocused the leadership-development lens on defining results, in a piece published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review. In this case, defining results means “stating clearly what success looks like” so that leaders can more easily collaborate their efforts [...]

4 Ways Outcomes-Based Accountability™ can Improve Leadership in the United Kingdom

David Burnby of Burnby and Associates—an Outcomes-Based Accountability™ (OBA) consulting firm based in Hull, England—has recently offered his take on the usefulness of OBA as an effective leadership tool in the United Kingdom. Although written more than a year ago, David’s words remain current, as effective leadership continues to be of concern around the world. [...]

Leadership in the Place Based Movement: Michael McAfee

Dr. Michael McAfee, Director of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute of PolicyLink, discusses how his organization is leading the place based movement by consciously attempting to learn from the field as well as value to the people and communities that they serve through the structure of Results-Based Accountability™. The creation of a strong foundation for organization [...]