What is Impact and How do we Measure it?

In public sector work, we can't just try hard and hope for the best. Organization executives, boards, funders, individual investors, and communities are demanding proof of impact. People want to know whether their time, money, and efforts are making a difference – and why shouldn’t they? Understanding the type and quantity of impact we are [...]

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Death by Frameworks: Why You Only Need One Framework to Measure Outcomes

Written by: Maya Romic Former Capacity Building Consultant fams, Australia It is an exciting time to work in outcomes measurement and Collective Impact. We are getting smarter about the way we talk about and act on social issues. We are engaging in meaningful discussions about outcomes measurement and Collective Impact, [...]

The Importance of Using Data in Setting up Your Collective Impact Initiative

Data can often be the missing link in a collective impact initiative. However, data plays a substantial role in informing the collective. It has a significant role in the initial planning and determination of focus for collective initiatives, enabling the approach to be greater than simply collaboration. An area that many collectives find challenging is [...]

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How One United Way is Becoming a Game-Changer With Collective Impact and Results Based Accountability

The United Way of North Central Florida, Inc. (UWNCFL) is a Florida nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of advancing the common good by focusing on education, income, health and immediate needs. United Way leads the community to focus on issues and build solutions through giving, advocating, and volunteering. In the early 2000s, United Way [...]

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Article: The Four Components of Effective Collective Impact

In “The Four Components of Effective Collective Impact,” author and Clear Impact Senior Consultant, Dan Duncan, highlights and describes what he believes to be the four critical components needed to implement a successful Collective Impact initiative, and more importantly, to improve the well-being of communities around the world. These include: A clear, [...]

Clear Impact Australia Supporting Launceston Tamar Valley Collective Impact Initiative

Last month, Clear Impact Australia worked with the Communities for Children team at Anglicare Tasmania and their partners in Launceston, Tasmania -- assisting them with gaining a greater understanding of Results Based Accountability and how the framework can be used to measure the outcomes of their Launceston Tamar Valley Collective Impact initiative ‘Every Child Succeeds’. [...]

Collaboration for Impact to Offer 1 Million in Support to Australian Community

 Collaboration for Impact, a Catalyzing Group consisting of Result Leadership Group USA, Centre for Social Impact, Westpac Foundation, Social Solutions Group,  Blackbaud Pacific, Social Ventures Australia, Australian Communities Foundation Impact Collective has recently launched The Search—a new initiative offering $1 million in support to an Australian Community working to address the country’s biggest challenges. To receive funding, communities will demonstrate [...]

Clear Impact Joins The Search, a $1 Million Initiative to Tackle Australia’s Social Problems Through Collective Impact

A group of Australian funders and partners have launched a national $1 million initiative in a bid to work differently to tackle some of Australia’s biggest social problems. Described as the first of its kind in Australia, the initiative called The Search, is putting together a resource pool of up to $1 million for an [...]

The Collective Impact Toolkit

Welcome to the Collective Impact Toolkit – a collection of tools designed to help launch and sustain your Collective Impact initiative. Download the Collective Impact Toolkit (PDF - 1MB) The tools described in this document are all part of the Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0 software – a data and collaboration system designed specifically for non-profit [...]

FSG – Collective Impact Resources

Articles and Publications "Charting a Course for Change: Advancing Education, Income and Health Through Collective Impact." FSG Knowledge Exchange. United Way, May­June 2012. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. <http://www.fsg.org/tabid/191/ArticleId/780/Default.aspx?srpush=true>. Hanleybrown, Fay, John Kania, and Mark Kramer. Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work. Publication. Stanford Social Innovation Review, n.d. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. <http://www.fsg.org/tabid/191/ArticleId/561/Default.aspx?srpush=true>. Hanleybrown, Fay, Kate [...]

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