Public Health Accreditation – Our Little Secret to Conquering Domain 9

If you're interested in increasing your efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the community, you may be considering (or already in the process of) applying for public health accreditation. Acquiring accreditation is a long process that requires a significant amount of time and resources. You must complete the prerequisites, design your improvement strategy, fulfill documentation [...]

Enhancing and Empowering Public Sector Management

It is clear the organizations within the public sector have certain advantages that make community initiatives much more effective in addressing a myriad of problems. However, there are still challenging underpinnings that make achieving sustainable change almost impossible. In an effort to enhance and empower leaders at all levels many organizations within the public sector [...]

Scalable Public Sector Technical Assistance

“Give a man fish you feed him for the day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” -Proverb When one program does something well to make impact in the lives of their clients, the immediate reaction is to attempt to replicate what was done in other programs or other [...]

Public Sector and Non-Profit Collaboration Software

It is without question, that innovation is an important byproduct of collaboration. However, in government and non-profit partnerships, innovation can be stymied. In particular, the public sector carries a high need for performance accountability, creating a “mistake-averse” culture that is difficult to penetrate. Government agencies are charged with preventing abuse, fraud and showing partiality to [...]