How to Improve Your Performance in 2020

As a leader, the goals you set for your organization will be instrumental in achieving the change you want in your community. Consider the after-school program that triples the number of children who earn a B-plus or above; the Fire Department that can raise the percentage of fires contained to the room of origin within [...]

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Public Health Accreditation – Our Little Secret to Conquering Domain 9

If you're interested in increasing your efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the community, you may be considering (or already in the process of) applying for public health accreditation. Acquiring accreditation is a long process that requires a significant amount of time and resources. You must complete the prerequisites, design your improvement strategy, fulfill documentation [...]

The Best Way to Tackle Sustainable Development in Africa

This article was written and generously contributed to us by Ken Fullerton. The original was first published by Ayiba Magazine and can be viewed here. Despite setting out to achieve the ‘best’ impacts or results, many development initiatives implemented by governments and organisations around the world do not achieve their intended [...]

5 Reasons Your Case Management System is Not Enough

We get asked questions like this all the time: We have a case management (or data) system. Why would we need another one? I like the sounds of a performance improvement system, but where does the data come from? I have lots of data, but no one is using it. Can [...]

How to Achieve the Performance Imperative with Results-Based Accountability

“High-performance organization” is a moniker most organizations—private, public, or nonprofit—would love to earn. And yet who can say what “high performance” really means for mission-based nonprofits? More important, how do executives, boards, and funders get there from here? The Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of more than 50 nonprofit executives, has spent the past year [...]

Response to “The Quiet Movement to Make Government Fail Less Often”

David Leonhardt recently wrote an article for The New York Times, “The Quiet Movement to Make Government Fail Less Often,” about trends to make government more efficient and effective. From his long career working with government agencies and nonprofit organizations around this very issue, our president, Philip Lee had some advice on how this movement [...]

Enhancing and Empowering Public Sector Management

It is clear the organizations within the public sector have certain advantages that make community initiatives much more effective in addressing a myriad of problems. However, there are still challenging underpinnings that make achieving sustainable change almost impossible. In an effort to enhance and empower leaders at all levels many organizations within the public sector [...]

Public Sector and Non-Profit Collaboration Software

It is without question, that innovation is an important byproduct of collaboration. However, in government and non-profit partnerships, innovation can be stymied. In particular, the public sector carries a high need for performance accountability, creating a “mistake-averse” culture that is difficult to penetrate. Government agencies are charged with preventing abuse, fraud and showing partiality to [...]

WTOP News Radio: Luecking, Clear Impact CEO, Talks Workplace Productivity

Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact Do you find you can never escape the demands of the office? Is work beginning to interfere with personal time with family and friends? Do you find no matter how much time you put in at work very little gets accomplished? Well, you are not alone. According [...]

Metric Madness: Crowd-Sourcing Performance Measures

Clear Impact Senior Consultant, Karen Finn, has extensive experience in using Results-Based Accountability™ particularly in the areas of children, youth and family policy. Finn is currently using her expertise and passion for improving the lives of children and families through a focus on developing performance measures for a large state child welfare system to improve [...]