Achieve Your Training Goals with Our Virtual Workshops *NEW*

Out of an effort to ensure the availability of our services now and in the future, we’ve been working hard to expand our virtual offerings! Why Go Virtual? Save time, save money, and achieve your mission! Virtual training courses and workshops are an ideal option for many because they allow for greater attendance and participation. [...]

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United Way and Clear Impact Scorecard – a Q&A with Berkshire United Way

If you are in the process of considering grantee performance management, reporting, and/or Global Results Framework solutions and tools, Clear Impact Scorecard is a viable option. Clear Impact Scorecard allows your United Way to not just look at the performance of individual programs and partners, but to aggregate this data and relate it to the [...]

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What’s Your Accountability Score?

Why Be Accountable? A performance Scorecard is only helpful if it’s being used routinely and effectively. This means ensuring numerical and contextual data are up-to-date. The frequency with which you update your Scorecard doesn’t always directly translate into improvements, but diligence and accountability around data entry are integral to the improvement process. Looking at [...]

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Overcoming the Challenge of Change with Results Based Accountability

By: Kate Tye, Senior Manager of Primary Care Support and Development, Wentworth Healthcare Limited I was at a health workforce conference a few years ago and a question was asked of the panel: “When is there going to be a break in having to continually change?” The representative from the panel replied with “change is [...]

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City on the Line – New Book Chronicles Baltimore’s Massive Budget Transformation in the Name of Outcomes

We're excited to share with you a new book by our colleague and former Baltimore budget director, Andrew Kleine. The book is titled City on the Line: How Baltimore Transformed its Budget to Beat the Great Recession and Deliver Outcomes. You can purchase it now on Amazon. Baltimore has received national recognition for inventing CitiStat—an office that uses [...]

Starting the Community Health Improvement Planning Process: 10 Simple Steps

Creating an effective CHIP is all about being a great “health detective”, digging deep into root causes, creating appropriate strategies with a reasoned chance of improving things, and getting serious about continuous improvement. By following the recommended steps below, we’ll help you get on the fast track to measurable health improvements. Some of these [...]

Your Data Deserves a Home! – The Value of Using an Online Scorecard

If you work in the public sector, your organization is probably engaging in some level of performance measurement. Good metrics help you gauge whether your services are performing efficiently and having the desired impact in the community. Performance metrics are great! But they’re not doing their job if they’re hard to organize, find, analyze, [...]

New Grant Opportunity: 500 Cities Data Challenge – Putting Local Data to Work for Healthier Communities

ABOUT THE CHALLENGE The 500 Cities Data Challenge will fund projects (up to $1,000,000) that will connect work across sectors to improve health outcomes using the 500 Cities dataset. The goal of this competition is to encourage communities to dig into the 500 Cities data and design innovative solutions (or additional data analyses) which [...]

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How to Use Your Certification Badges

If you're reading this post, congratulations! You've most likely completed either the Results-Based Accountability Professional Certification or the Scorecard Certified Administrator training. Here are some answers to common FAQ(s) about using your Certification badge: Why should I share my badge? You should be very proud of your accomplishment and we commend you. Showing off your certification [...]

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Effective Communication: See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil

Imagine that you came home from work to find your house on fire. Your neighbor walks over and tells you he saw the whole thing happen. But he didn’t pick up a fire extinguisher, contact you, or call the fire department. How would you feel? Angry? Frustrated? Disappointed? In communities all across the country, the [...]

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