Redefining the Role of United Ways with RBA and ABCD

By Dan Duncan, Senior Consultant, Clear Impact Our United Way system is embarking on a bold journey to transform communities across the country (and now the world) by setting goals that are focused on education, income and health; the building blocks of a good life. To be successful, this journey requires local United Ways [...]

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UWW Global Results Framework Orientation Video

This video provides an introduction to the United Way Worldwide Global Results Framework Data Reporting Platform powered by Clear Impact. The purpose of reporting local United Way data in this platform is to help the network aggregate data, to better convey collective impact within and across communities. This video will provide a quick [...]

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UWW Global Results Framework Data Reporting Guide

This guide is a reference tool designed to help you become familiar with the Global Results Framework platform.  It is not necessary to read the guide entirely before starting data entry in the platform. Reading the first section and one or two indicators should give you enough of a foothold to begin navigating it [...]

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