Incarceration Has “Devastating toll” on Kids, Families, Communities

According to a new policy report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, “having a parent incarcerated is a stressful, traumatic experience of the same magnitude as abuse, domestic violence, and divorce.” Furthermore, the report reveals that neighborhoods struggling with high rates of incarcerated parents often lack the supports needed by [...]

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Article: The Four Components of Effective Collective Impact

In “The Four Components of Effective Collective Impact,” author and Clear Impact Senior Consultant, Dan Duncan, highlights and describes what he believes to be the four critical components needed to implement a successful Collective Impact initiative, and more importantly, to improve the well-being of communities around the world. These include: A clear, [...]

How to Achieve the Performance Imperative with Results-Based Accountability

“High-performance organization” is a moniker most organizations—private, public, or nonprofit—would love to earn. And yet who can say what “high performance” really means for mission-based nonprofits? More important, how do executives, boards, and funders get there from here? The Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of more than 50 nonprofit executives, has spent the past year [...]

Throwback Thursday: 2006 Results-Based Accountability™ Conference Report

As the RBA Africa Summit 2014 approaches, we thought it would be fun to share this 165 page gem from 2006. Read the full report here: 2006 RBA Conference Report Conference Overview The conference was held on the University of Maryland campus and was hosted by the University of Maryland Results Leadership Program and the [...]

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Geography of the American Dream: Opportunity Reconsidered

We are excited this month to highlight a new paper by Clear Impact President, Phil Lee, titled, "Geography of the American Dream: Opportunity Reconsidered".  The publication highlights the history of anti-poverty programs in the United States as well as a vision for how the use of data in a place-based approach can expand opportunity for [...]

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Ten Reasons to Reconsider the Use of Logic Models

By Phil Lee, as published by the Local Community Services Association, NSW Australia. Logic models are diagrams that explain how a program is supposed to work. A simple one page logic model can sometimes be a useful planning and communication tool. But many programs today are required to produce long complex logic models that explain [...]

Clear Impact Scorecard and Collective Impact in the United States

Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact, highlights how the Promise Neighborhoods Institute and the Campaign for Grade Level Reading in the United States are using Clear Impact Scorecard software for collective impact.  These national organizations are helping local communities and backbone organizations create a common agenda, mutually reinforcing activities, shared measurement systems and continuous communication [...]

Population Accountability: Common Agenda and Shared Measurement System

Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact, provides an overview of how to select results statements and community indicators using RBA at the Population Accountability level.  This aligns with the common agenda and shared measurement system aspects of collective impact. The Community Centres South Australia, with support from Uniting Care Wesley Port-Adelaide, Uniting Care Wesley Bowden, [...]

Five Conditions of Collective Impact and RBA

Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact, quickly outlines how Results-Based Accountability™ can be used to implement the Five Conditions of Collective Impact.  The five conditions include a common agenda, shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and a backbone organization. The Community Centres South Australia, with support from Uniting Care Wesley Port-Adelaide, Uniting Care [...]

Intro to South Australia Presentation and Basic RBA Overview

Gill McFadden of Community Centres South Australia introduces Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact.  Adam goes on to quickly introduce the “Results-Based Accountability™ and Collective Impact” presentation and do a basic RBA overview.  This introduction sets the stage for more in depth presentations on the Five Conditions of Collective Impact, Population Accountability, Selecting Performance Measures, [...]