New E-Book: The 6 Components of an Effective Community Health Improvement Plan

Is Your CHIP Designed for Impact?

While Community/Neighborhood/State/Tribal Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) are great tools for outlining and communicating strategies to important stakeholders, how can we be sure our efforts will achieve measurable impact?

The guidelines provided in this new (and free!) e-book, The 6 Components of an Effective CHIP, will help you write a simpler, more effective CHIP that is more likely to get results without pulling your hair out.

Download the e-book today to learn more about the 6 components of an effective CHIP:

  1. Concise
  2. Accessible
  3. Data-Driven
  4. Feasible
  5. Up-to-Date
  6. Equitable

Download the E-Book

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