Components of a Community Health Improvement Plan

When executed well, Community (or State/ Local/ Tribal) Health Improvement Plans are useful tools that help health departments: Provide a shared vision and framework for change Encourage multi-sector collaboration Prioritize community needs Identify high-leverage strategies Engage in data-based decision-making But not all plans are created equal or lead to significant results. How can you [...]

Examples of Effective Community Health Improvement Plans

When created effectively, Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) and Community Health Assessments (CHAs) are useful tools to guide collective health improvement efforts. CHIPs are most commonly created in traditional document form or digital form (which we refer to as an "e-CHIP") using an online performance management software. CHIPs that are created in document form [...]

New e-Book: e-CHIPs Do it Better – 4 Reasons to Automate Your Community Health Assessments and Improvement Plans

Automate for Greater Impact It’s time to rethink our approach to the traditional CHA/CHIP. It’s time to automate!  By automating these plans, you will engage in better decision making, improve communication, increase transparency and accountability, and simplify the entire planning process. The following e-book will outline 4 important benefits of automating your CHA or [...]

Criteria for Selecting an e-CHIP Software

Digital Community Health Improvement Plans or “e-CHIPs” are much more effective than paper-based CHIPs. Software systems are easier to update than large documents, making e-CHIP data more timely and accessible. Online software systems are also easier to navigate, making e-CHIPs easier to share with stakeholders, partners, and the public. These benefits can help lead [...]

Should You Create Your e-CHIP with Clear Impact Scorecard?

A growing number of health departments around the United States have streamlined and simplified their approach to public health planning by digitizing their CHIPs with the Clear Impact Scorecard. Some, like the Vermont Department of Health, use the Scorecard to streamline all their public health planning, including Community Health Assessments, CHIPs, Quality Improvement Plans, [...]

CASE STUDY: Sailing to Good Health with the Vermont e-SHIP

Leading the Fleet - One of the Healthiest States in the Nation Vermont is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest (and sometimes happiest) states in the Nation. In 2017, Vermont tied with South Dakota for the top spot in the Gallup-Sharecare 2017 State of American Well-Being Rankings, with high scores for physical health, social [...]

New E-Book: The 6 Components of an Effective Community Health Improvement Plan

Is Your CHIP Designed for Impact? While Community/Neighborhood/State/Tribal Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) are great tools for outlining and communicating strategies to important stakeholders, how can we be sure our efforts will achieve measurable impact? The guidelines provided in this new (and free!) e-book, The 6 Components of an Effective CHIP, will help you write a simpler, [...]

Starting the Community Health Improvement Planning Process: 10 Simple Steps

Creating an effective CHIP is all about being a great “health detective”, digging deep into root causes, creating appropriate strategies with a reasoned chance of improving things, and getting serious about continuous improvement. By following the recommended steps below, we’ll help you get on the fast track to measurable health improvements. Some of these [...]

How to Create Effective Strategies for Improving Community Health Outcomes

5 Steps to "Turn the Curve" on Community Health  An effective Community Health Improvement strategy is one that: Reflects qualitative and quantitative community health data Focuses resources on creating improvements with high leverage Involves participation of diverse partners and industries Focuses on creating equitable outcomes Once you’ve decided how you're going to measure progress [...]

The Importance of Separating Population and Performance Strategies in Your CHIP

Community Health Improvement Plans are important tools; they act as communication tools, provide opportunities to measure execution and accountability, and act as a compass to help keep us on course. That's why we spend so much time creating them. But not all plans are created equal or lead to demonstrable results. What's the difference between [...]