A growing number of health departments around the United States have streamlined and simplified their approach to public health planning by digitizing their CHIPs with the Clear Impact Scorecard. Some, like the Vermont Department of Health, use the Scorecard to streamline all their public health planning, including Community Health Assessments, CHIPs, Quality Improvement Plans, and Department Strategic Plans. This has allowed them to become extremely organized and also simplify their path to PHAB Accreditation.

At this point, you may be considering Clear Impact Scorecard. It was created specifically to help public sector and government organizations create cultures of quality, Improve Community Health, and tell their story to the stakeholders and the public.

It does so by meeting the following criteria:

Easy to Use 

To keep up with the internal and external demands of public health work, your system should be quick and easy to implement and use. Clear Impact Scorecard is designed to be simple and easy to set up, navigate, and manage. With the Scorecard “fast builder,” you can create and configure an entire scorecard with Results, Indicators, Programs & Performance Measures all on the same screen. You can also visualize the structure of your scorecard as you build it, add data in seconds, and make quick edits on the fly. This will reduce the time and resources it takes to train staff in the use of your e-CHIP.

Easy to Share 

Public education and transparency is an important part of the CHIP process. Therefore, your software system should support information sharing, transparency, and engagement. Clear Impact Scorecard has many features to help you do both. First, you can easily share your community health and performance data with the public by “embedding” your scorecards on public websites or sharing links with partners, stakeholders, and the public. Check out how Vermont Department of Health uses Clear Impact Scorecard to share data and educate the public about community health issues on their website. Additionally, you have the ability to create custom PDF reports of your data in Clear Impact Scorecard. These PDF reports can be shared with people who prefer the traditional document-based CHIP style.

Drives Improvement

Your software system should provide an accountability framework to help you improve your performance and impact on community health – not just measure it. Clear Impact Scorecard helps drive community health improvements in two main ways: 1) It guides you through a 5-step accountability process to improve your metrics and 2) It provides a place to store and update qualitative background information for each metric. For each of your metrics, the software engages you in a simple process for “Turning the Curve” on your data; this involves providing a history and forecast for your data trend line, the story behind the data, relevant partners, potential strategies, and an action plan. To ensure your department remains accountable, you have the ability to turn your action plan into a Gantt chart where you can track the progress of projects and assign actions using staff email addresses. In these ways, Clear Impact Scorecard is not simply a performance-tracking tool – we built it with the goal of helping you improve the lives of your customers and communities.

Streamlines all Departmental Planning

Your work will be a lot easier if your performance management system can support your CHA, CHIP, Departmental Strategic Plan, and Quality Improvement Plan.  Because Clear Impact Scorecard is designed to help you manage community-level data AND performance-level data, it’s going to help simplify the creation of all three of these plans. Many health organizations are currently using the Scorecard to create electronic versions of CHAs, CHIPs, Strategic Plans, and QIPs.  With Clear Impact Scorecard, you have the ability to link your program-level data to your community-level health data to get a macro-level view of how everything is working together. You can also delve into each community health indicator or program performance metric to see detailed notes and context. This makes it easier for you to engage in effective data-based decision-making.

Facilitates Equity Work 

Racial (and other forms of) equity work is an important part of improving overall community health. Your software system should allow you to disaggregate your metrics by race or any other demographic. Clear Impact allows you to create aggregated metrics using multiple metrics. You are also able to view disaggregated measures on each aggregated metric’s graph with the click of a button. This is way easier than searching for each metric separately and manually compiling them on a graph.

The best e-CHIP software should meet the above criteria to create the most organized, impactful e-CHIP. If these criteria are important to you, Clear Impact Scorecard may be the best choice for you. Try a demo below for a more in-depth view of how the Scorecard can support your departmental planning.

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