New PHAB Initial Accreditation Tool for State, Local, and Tribal Health Departments

Clear Impact Scorecard now supports documentation for initial national public health accreditation (via the Public Health Accreditation Board) for state, local, and tribal health departments. What is the Clear Impact Scorecard Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool? The new Clear Impact Scorecard PHAB Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool allows health departments to collaboratively create, edit and organize [...]

3 Keys for a Performance Management System for PHAB Accreditation and Reaccreditation

The use of a performance management system is required by PHAB for national public health accreditation, but using the right system will have long-term benefits for your health department. An effective performance management system can help you create alignment not only within your public health department (by streamlining Quality Improvement Plans and Department Strategic Plans) [...]

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Public Health Reaccreditation (PHAB) in a Nutshell

Important Note: This article is not meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the PHAB reaccreditation process and requirements. It is meant to provide you with a basic understanding rather than acting as a replacement for the 84-page Guide to National Public Health Department Reaccreditation. If you’ve just been accredited or are starting to look [...]

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Looking Ahead – Maintaining PHAB Public Health Accreditation with Clear Impact Scorecard

Applying for PHAB national public health accreditation and re-accreditation are similar processes, but the goal of each is different. Accreditation focuses on developing the capacities needed to provide the ten essential public health services, whereas re-accreditation focuses on using those capacities to improve departmental performance and community health. Use of performance management software, like [...]

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Watch Now – Creating Your Accountability Blueprint – Your First Step Toward PHAB Accreditation

Are you seeking PHAB Accreditation? You can simplify your path toward accreditation and ensure you maintain it by implementing a clear accountability framework. Watch our free recorded webinar - Creating Your Accountability Blueprint: Your First Step Toward PHAB Accreditation - this October to learn more. Watch Webinar Description: Seeking PHAB accreditation without a [...]

New E-Book: The Accountability Blueprint – Your First Step Toward PHAB Accreditation

Set the Foundation for PHAB Accreditation Seeking PHAB accreditation without a clear accountability framework is like building an engine without a blueprint. This E-book contains a simple framework – an accountability blueprint – you can implement in 4 simple steps to guide your population health work and performance management: Separate population accountability from performance accountability [...]

What is The Best Performance Management System for PHAB Accreditation?

Implementing a performance management system isn’t just a good idea – it’s a PHAB requirement. So, one of the first things you should do when seeking PHAB Accreditation is set up a system to store, organize, and analyze your data. There are, however, a lot of performance management software systems out there. You may [...]

New E-Book: The PHAB Five – Five Keys for Tackling PHAB Accreditation

Simplify Your Path to PHAB Accreditation You’re the lead on achieving PHAB accreditation for your agency or department.  Congratulations!  And, after you’ve pulled up the 261-page PHAB Standards & Measures (with 32 standards and many more measures), condolences!  Where to start?  We suggest taking a look at the PHAB tagline: “Advancing Public Health Performance.” They’re not kidding.  Organize [...]

Public Health Accreditation – Our Little Secret to Conquering Domain 9

If you're interested in increasing your efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the community, you may be considering (or already in the process of) applying for public health accreditation. Acquiring accreditation is a long process that requires a significant amount of time and resources. You must complete the prerequisites, design your improvement strategy, fulfill documentation [...]