Clear Impact Scorecard now supports documentation for initial national public health accreditation (via the Public Health Accreditation Board) for state, local, and tribal health departments.

What is the Clear Impact Scorecard Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool?

The new Clear Impact Scorecard PHAB Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool allows health departments to collaboratively create, edit and organize the 200+ documents required to achieve initial national public health accreditation (via PHAB).

Documentation requirements differ among state, tribal, and local health agencies. This tool consists of three different scorecards tailored to each type of health department. Each Scorecard houses the official PHAB guidance and organizes it by domain, standard, and measure. Within the tool, agencies can view the guidance for each required document and, in the same location, create each document without having to switch back and forth between various PDFs and Word documents.

The Clear Impact Scorecard Initial Accreditation documentation tool allows you to:

  • ¬†Organize your documents by domain and measure
  • Create and edit your documents right in the software
  • Create assignments and track your progress towards accreditation
  • Manage health outcomes reporting
  • Establish your performance management system and engage in continuous improvement from the start

Why Should You Use a Documentation Tool?

After applying for accreditation, your health department will have only 12 months to develop and submit the required documentation (over 200 documents!).

Documentation is an extensive, on-going process that you should initiate as soon as possible to ensure your department fully meets PHAB’s requirements.

Our Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool will help simplify the accreditation process by keeping all your documents organized, tracking the completion of the documents, and allowing your team to collaborate on individual documents (in one convenient, easily-accessible location).

Why did We Create the Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool?

Many of Clear Impact Scorecard’s customers are nationally accredited health departments, including the Vermont Department of Health, New Mexico Department of Health, Connecticut Department of Health, San Francisco Department of Public Health, and others.

A few months ago, we introduced our Reaccreditation Documentation Tool, a scorecard designed to help public health departments collaboratively create and organize, in one place, the 90+ required documents, plans, examples, and narratives required for Reaccreditation by PHAB.

We wanted to provide health departments seeking initial accreditation with the same support with the PHAB Initial Accreditation Documentation Tool.

The Best Part of the Documentation Tool

All of PHAB’s guidance is pre-uploaded into the template, including domains, domain descriptions, measures, measure descriptions, and the directions (including document type, guidance, and time period) for each required document. This will allow you to type up your documents with the guidance right in front of you, instead of having to go back and forth between word documents and PDFs.

How to Access the Documentation Tool

The documentation tool is free to anyone with a paid subscription of Clear Impact Scorecard; once you become a subscriber, the tool is accessible via the Scorecard Templates Library. In the library, there are three different templates for each level of health department:

  • State PHAB Initial Accreditation Documents
  • Local PHAB Initial Accreditation Documents
  • Tribal PHAB Initial Accreditation Documents

You can get started in the Scorecard for free here, but you will need to upgrade your subscription to access the scorecard templates library and the accreditation scorecards.

We recommend new customers sign up for a demo to see how the documentation tool works.

Current customers can schedule a meeting with their account representative to learn more about the tool and get a demonstration.

Learn more about the Scorecard Accreditation and Reaccreditation Documentation Tools here.

Can You Use the Tool to Support Reaccreditation?

The Clear Impact Scorecard also offers a similar tool for Reaccreditation, which is accessible via the Scorecard templates library. This scorecard is titled “ABC County PHAB Reaccreditation Documents.”

Request a demo here to learn more. Customers with paid subscriptions can contact their account representative for more information.

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