Upgrading your Clear Impact Scorecard subscription gives you immediate access to unlimited users – without ever having to speak to a representative. There are many benefits that come with involving more people in your performance management process and software system.

Having unlimited users allows you to get more people in your organization (and your partner organizations) involved in the data entry and management process. This will expedite data entry so that you can spend more time analyzing that data to make improvements.

Some of the benefits of unlimited users:

Increased collaboration

When everyone on your team is using the same system and performance management framework, interdepartmental communication and teamwork will improve. You will be able to involve more departments in your performance management efforts and monitor the impact of more programs and services.

Faster data entry

Decentralizing your data entry and sharing the burden of data management will help keep your Scorecards up-to-date. Instead of waiting to gather data from your staff and partners, each user can log in and enter data remotely as soon as they have it.

Keep everyone on track

In Scorecard, you can only assign actions and send email reminders to your registered users. With Scorecard Premium, you’ll get more use out of Scorecard’s project management features and assign actions to anyone involved in your project.

Create a common agenda

When more people have access to the software, you will increase understanding of your performance management framework and procedures. This will, in turn, help streamline your work. By involving more partners, you will also introduce diverse knowledge, skills, and perspectives into the performance management process.

Learn more about upgrading

How to Upgrade Online

1. Create your free account
2. Access “”billing”” (in the left grey navigation bar in Scorecard)
3. Click “products/services”
4. Review your account and upgrade your subscription

Have any questions about upgrading? Wondering whether Premium or Scorecard Network is for you? You can contact one of our friendly staff here.