New Pricing Model Allows Organizations to Expand Access to Performance Management Software to Unlimited Users, Partners, and Stakeholders

Rockville, Maryland – June 26, 2019 – Clear Impact, a leading provider of performance management software, today announced a new, usage-based pricing model to make the benefits of performance management software more accessible for non-profits, government agencies, public health departments, and United Ways.

The new, usage-based pricing model provides Clear Impact Scorecard customers with access to unlimited users and was developed to allow non-profits and government agencies with dozens or hundreds of users the ability to track the performance of programs, measure the impact of funding, and report the success of their missions.

“By making Scorecard available to organizations with unlimited users, partners and stakeholders, our customers will be able to improve the lives of even more children, families, and communities worldwide,” says Adam Luecking, CEO of Clear Impact. “We are committed to helping socially-responsible organizations address common barriers to adoption and ease internal resistance to change.”

Clear Impact also introduced the Scorecard Free plan for organizations new to performance management, which extends the previous 30-day free trial indefinitely, providing a “forever free” plan for small organizations for as many as three users to track up to ten measures before upgrading.

“It’s no longer cost prohibitive for large organizations to promote a culture of quality and performance improvement,” says Luecking. “Clear Impact is making it affordable to get started with performance management, achieve buy-in, and add programs as usage increases and performance improves.”

Effective today, usage-based Scorecard Premium plans are available for most non-profit and government organizations to track 50 or more performance metrics, such as population indicators or performance measures. Plans start at $200 per month — or $2,400 per year — with additional blocks of 50 measures available for an extra $100 per month. The new Scorecard Network plan also allows foundations to plan collaborative efforts with large partner or grantee networks.

Usage-based Scorecard pricing plans are now available for new customers. Current Scorecard customers will have the option to upgrade to the new usage-based pricing plans or retain their existing, user-based pricing plans and add additional users for as long as their account remains current.

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About Clear Impact

Clear Impact is the leading provider of performance management software, training, and services for government agencies, non-profits, foundations and communities. Our proven, Results-Based Accountability framework is used by over one thousand organizations in over 40 states and 15 countries and our easy-to-use, web-based, Clear Impact Scorecard software enables organizations to track the performance of their programs, measure the impact of their funding, and report on the success of their missions to improve the lives of children, families and communities worldwide.

Kayleigh Weaver, Communications Manager