Impact Measurement Awards: Family Worker Training + Development Programme Inc Receives Honorable Mention in Small Not-for-Profit Category

Receiving an honorable mention in the small not-for-profit category of the Impact Measurement Awards, Family Worker Training + Development Programme (FWT+DP) has been providing training for 30 years. FWT+DP contributes to safe, healthy, resilient children, young people, families and communities by supporting effective support services and systems. Results Based Accountability (RBA) helps them target their efforts, measure their impact and improve practice. Outcomes data on set core goals allow FWT+DP to:

  • Measure training outcomes and the impact on participants’ work practice;
  • Plan and adapt topics and learning formats; and
  • Improve engagement.

By using RBA to measure its impact, FWT+DP has increased Aboriginal participation, which has more than doubled to 18.7 percent in the past four years. They also have plans to begin including feedback from families to assess how worker training flows through to benefit them directly.

To learn more about FWT+DP’s services, watch this video clip.

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