Impact Measurement Awards: NSW Family Services Inc, with Support from Clear Impact Australia, Named Runner-Up in Small Not-for-Profit Category

Recognized as the runner up in the small not-for-profit category of the Impact Measurement Awards, NSW Family Services Inc (FamS) is a pioneer in measuring impact, adopting the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework and then securing a grant to allow them to train all of their members on how to use RBA.

The peak body for Family Support Services in New South Wales, FamS uses RBA and the Clear Impact Scorecard software to measure outcomes by asking three simple, key questions: How much did we do? How well did we do it? Is anyone better off? Measuring their work in this way ultimately lets FamS know how they are really doing, and further allows them to assess their contribution to the NSW population results of safe children, strong families, and supportive communities.

FamS has been developing Annual Performance Reports using RBA since 2008. Their annual report is a model for organizations demonstrating their value through the use of data.  They also are using Clear Impact Scorecard software to present data publicly on their website at

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