The 500 Cities Data Challenge will fund projects (up to $1,000,000) that will connect work across sectors to improve health outcomes using the 500 Cities dataset. The goal of this competition is to encourage communities to dig into the 500 Cities data and design innovative solutions (or additional data analyses) which address social factors that influence health, such as housing, education, and transportation. The ideas generated can help build the foundation for more comprehensive cross-collaboration to foster a broad Culture of Health and guide other communities in how to use data more effectively.

***Letters of Interest for the 500 Cities Data Challenge are due December 1st.

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This is an open competition, and any organization interested in putting local data to work for healthier communities is welcome to enter a submission – this includes nonprofit practitioners, local government offices, researchers, data analytic companies, service providers, and others.

To ensure that the challenge is open and equitable to all, the competition will follow a two-stage process:

Stage 1: The competition begins with an open invitation to submit brief letters or videos of interest (Due December 1st). Applicants are encouraged to be creative in how they present their ideas in this first stage and may choose to either write a letter or create a short video.

Stage 2: Top ideas will be invited to submit full proposals detailing the activities, budget, and impact of their projects.

The challenge’s sponsoring organizations strongly encourage submissions that are focused on rural and low- to moderate-income communities.

For more information, including selection criteria, application and award process, and other important information, please visit the challenge website.

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