Trying Hard is Not Good Enough

Project directors from social service organizations across the country talk about the impact of Mark Friedman’s book, Trying Hard is Not Good Enough. The more strategic an approach is for positive results, the more effective it is in the implementation of programs in the social service field. He iterates that data is the most important [...]

A Focus on Results and the Role of Partners

Henrietta Munoz, Project Director for the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County in Texas, discusses the importance of partnerships in achieving goals and specifically in ensuring that partners brought to the table are active participants in achieving the organization’s goals. Munoz emphasizes the role of accountability in implementing the Results-Based Accountability™ model by [...]

The Importance of Data in Place Based Work: Ebony Harris

Project directors of several Promise Neighborhoods partners discuss how the focus on data can make or break an organization’s mission. The focus on results with the support of data can help team members to more easily understand and support the strategy put in place to achieve positive results in programs for children and families. By [...]