“Who is Driving the Bus?”—One State Legislator’s Call to Action for Increased Transparency and Accountability in Government

Buy it on Amazon or Clear Impact website: Clear Impact website for $13.95 and Amazon.com for $14.95.   “Thank you to Diana Urban for telling the true story of trying to move a Bureaucracy to Results-Based Accountability. You will laugh, you will cry, but if you have ever been in these shoes, you will totally relate. So much [...]

RBA Makes Good Politics: Diana Urban Runs Unopposed in Connecticut’s 43rd District

Representative Diana Urban, a well-known champion of Results-Based Accountability™ and avid children's advocate, is currently running unopposed for her eighth term representing Connecticut's 43rd district. Currently, she is Chair of the Committee on Children and Co-Chair of the Results-Based Accountability Sub-Committee of the Appropriations Committee.  Most remarkably, Urban has run unopposed as both a Republican [...]

Defining Results Essential to Leadership Development Says Donna Stark: SSIR Blog Post

Donna Stark Donna Stark—Vice President of Talent and Leadership at the Annie E. Casey Foundation—recently refocused the leadership-development lens on defining results, in a piece published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review. In this case, defining results means “stating clearly what success looks like” so that leaders can more easily collaborate their efforts [...]

Localizing Post-2015: Achieving Measurable Improvements with Results-Based Accountability

Concept Overview As UNDP and HABITAT, on behalf of the United Nations Development Group (UNDP), and the Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments continue the consultation on “Localizing the post-2015 agenda,” Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) should be adopted as a framework for local action.  Distinct from Results-Based Management (RBM) utilized by the United [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Five Reasons All Non-profits Need Clear Impact Scorecard

You aren’t the only one thinking about the age old question… We get asked all the time: “We are a small non-profit.  Do we really need a Clear Impact Scorecard license?” or alternatively from a funder, “We are not sure some of our funded agencies have the capacity.  Should some get and others not get [...]

Joint Accountability: Geoffrey Canada

Geoffrey Canada, President and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, discusses the concept of accountability and how systems outside of your individual organization have to establish a level of joint accountability in order to succeed. Canada presses that accountability is a necessary standard for achieving results. Without joint accountability programs internally, as well as externally [...]