Leeds City Council Receives Good Judgment on Children’s Services and Outstanding Judgment on Leadership by Ofsted

Clear Impact would like to extend a congratulatory word to the partnership of services working with children, young people and families across Leeds under the leadership of Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Children and Families Councillor Judith Blake and the Director of Children’s Services Nigel Richardson. Leeds has received a positive [...]

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Essex County Council (UK) Using Outcomes-Based Accountability™ to Improve Public Service Delivery

The following article is based on Essex County Council’s “Outcomes Based Accountability” report, available for download here. Essex County Council (ECC)—one of the largest locally elected councils in England—is utilizing Outcomes-Based Accountability™ (OBA) to improve public service delivery to Essex County’s 1.4 million residents. The service delivery system in Essex depends upon the collaboration of [...]

4 Ways Outcomes-Based Accountability™ can Improve Leadership in the United Kingdom

David Burnby of Burnby and Associates—an Outcomes-Based Accountability™ (OBA) consulting firm based in Hull, England—has recently offered his take on the usefulness of OBA as an effective leadership tool in the United Kingdom. Although written more than a year ago, David’s words remain current, as effective leadership continues to be of concern around the world. [...]