5 Reasons Your Case Management System is Not Enough

We get asked questions like this all the time: We have a case management (or data) system. Why would we need another one? I like the sounds of a performance improvement system, but where does the data come from? I have lots of data, but no one is using it. Can [...]

Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth Promote Use of Clear Impact Scorecard to Australian NGOs

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY)— a national nonprofit organization that focuses on developing and promoting evidence-based strategies to improve the wellbeing of Australia’s children and youth—is collaborating with Clear Impact to promote the use of Clear Impact Scorecard™ performance and accountability software to ARACY’s network of more than 3000 stakeholders from [...]

Clear Impact Scorecard Publicly Releases New Software Version and Launch Webinar

Today, Clear Impact is proud to publicly present Clear Impact Scorecard 4.0-- a significant update to our performance and accountability management software. Clear Impact Scorecard is a unique decision-making support software based on the Results-Based Accountability™ methodology—a disciplined way of thinking and taking action that governments and nonprofits around the world are using to improve [...]

Guest Article: The Nebraska Results-Based Accountability Initiative

The following article was written as a guest contribution by Thomas D. Pristow, MSW, ACSW and Nathan S. Busch, JD of Nebraska's Division of Children and Family Services.   Altering service delivery behavior and changing the culture of an organization which has been based on years of incremental sameness is not a task to be [...]

Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0 Upgrade Improves Functionality

On Sunday November 9th, the Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0 software was updated for system improvements and bug fixes, allowing users more flexibility and customization options within the data evaluation platform.  One notable improvement grants users the ability to focus on numerous trends on one graph, which may be especially desirable for programs and agencies that focus on issues of [...]

Clear Impact Scorecard™ Now Available in Arabic and Spanish

If you did not get the chance to view the Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0™ release video (only accessible to software subscribers), we have some exciting news for you: On September 14th 2014, the release of the new Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0™ software included full translations into Arabic and Spanish! Our goal in providing this new feature, will be to [...]

Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee Releases New Community Report Card

To view or download the official CCTT press release announcing this news, click here. The Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT), a program of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF), is excited to announce the culmination of a three-year Community Report Card project. The new Report Card, which updates key community indicators measured in the 2007 Community [...]

Everything you need to know about Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0 in 6 minutes

This brief (6 min.) video provides an introduction and overview of the key features in the Clear Impact Scorecard 3.0 application, including: Cloud-based platform Interactive Scoreboard Turn the Curve Template Web Embed Custom Calculations RS Connect Virtual RBA Facilitator Custom Reporting Template Library Restful API For more information, or to try the software free for [...]

Collaboration for Impact to Offer 1 Million in Support to Australian Community

 Collaboration for Impact, a Catalyzing Group consisting of Result Leadership Group USA, Centre for Social Impact, Westpac Foundation, Social Solutions Group,  Blackbaud Pacific, Social Ventures Australia, Australian Communities Foundation Impact Collective has recently launched The Search—a new initiative offering $1 million in support to an Australian Community working to address the country’s biggest challenges. To receive funding, communities will demonstrate [...]

Size Doesn’t Matter: Five Reasons All Non-profits Need Clear Impact Scorecard

You aren’t the only one thinking about the age old question… We get asked all the time: “We are a small non-profit.  Do we really need a Clear Impact Scorecard license?” or alternatively from a funder, “We are not sure some of our funded agencies have the capacity.  Should some get and others not get [...]